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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  May 4, 2013 3:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> good morning, everyone. today is saturday, may 4th. i'm al can camerota, thanks for joining us, amazing pictures out of california where more than 40 square miles are up in flames where crews are working to save homes and evacuate residents. we have the latest on this situation straight ahead for you. >> guess what, drugs and violence in mexico are your fault. wait until you hear the president's latest comments on the situation south of the border. >> sparks fly at this wedding. [explosion] >> camera guy runs. >> the heart stopping moment for this couple getting married.
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"fox & friends" hour one starts right now. >> alisyn: good morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. great to have tucker carlson back with us. >> tucker: great to be here when you say hour one out of how many? >> alisyn: you never know. >> clayton: it's a crap shoot. we begin it morning with a fox news alert. brand new details overnight israel says it has carried out air strikes against syria because of weapons it was storing. were going to be sent to islamic military tant group. elizabeth plan has the latest this morning from d.c. what you can tell us this morning. >> u.s. official tells fox news a syrian weapons facility was struck early yesterday by israeli war planes. the u.s., how involved. the bombing raid did not target a chemical weapons facility but instead a
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weapons storage building or a warehouse. israeli officials confirm targeting a shipment of, quote, game-changing weapons bound forth lebanese militant group hezbollah. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu repeatedly warned israel is prepared to take military action if chemical weapons or arms were to reach hezbollah. when israeli planes fired on israeli convoy inside syria, they did outside the syrian airspace. this while president obama told reporters last night he doesn't foresee a scenario which the u.s. would send troops to syria. >> i do not foresee a scenario where american boots on the ground in syria would not only be good for america but also would be good for syria. by the way when i scultd with leaders in the region who are very much interested in seeing
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president assad leaf office and stabilizing the situation in syria, they agree with that assessment. >> earlier in the week defense secretary chuck hagel told thed me the administration is rethinking position to providing arms to the rebels. one of several without steption being taken to assist the opposition forces. clayton, alli, tucker, back to you. >> thank you, elizabeth. >> tucker: go to extreme weather in southern california. strong winds fueling a massive wildfire stretching 43 square miles. burning in venture i can't county. nearly 900 firefighters trying to get handle on the flames that are only about 20% contained at this hour. will the weather cooperate today. janice dean is live in the weather center. >> the pictures are incredible. this fire just erupted over a matter of hours yesterday at this time we were
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talking about high temperatures. winds off short. the good news is the winds are shifting. can you see within the last 48 hours though. of course, the pictures written credible. but the winds over the last couple of days were offshore. now they're on shore. you can actually see that wind shift within the last 12 hours offshore winds. can you see the smoke being blown in satellite loop. now they are being blown on shore. that is going to help firefighters. it's going bring the moisture in from the pacific and bring the temperatures down. so he very good news. this is going to occur throughout the next couple of days. we actually could see some rain in the first alert forecast. that's all the necessary firefighters need to hear is that weather is going to cooperate for this area that just exploded with fire yesterday. a lot of celebrities live niece n. these homes.
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45, 50 miles per hour offshore with the dry conditions we are into a severe drought across the west, including california, southern cefl. didn't have the snow pack that they really wanted this year and they didn't have the moisture. ongoing situation really throughout the summer and into the fall. we will continue to monitor that. and at 6:30. we are going to switch gears and talk about record breaking snow across the midwest. the extreme weather center is living up to its name. tucker, alisyn, and clayton back to you. >> tucker: janice dean, thanks. >> you bet. >> alisyn: there is a fox news alert for you because overnight the bodies of two american crew members of a crashed u.s. military plane were found. this is according to an official in kyrgyzstan where the plane went down yesterday during a refueling mission. this morning the search for a third crew member continues. the back half of the plane was found destroyed. the front half is still missing and there is no word yet on what caused
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this crash update we are learning how tamerlan tsarnaev died. there were multiple gunshot wounds and blunt force trauma. it also confirms the 26-year-old was run over and dragged by a vehicle driven by his brother dzhokhar. we now know female d.n.a. found on one of the bombs did not match tamerlan's wife catherine russell. we will have more on developments coming up at 6:30 for you. new move to keep country's border secure. super truck to help them keep out illegal immigrants. trucks equipped to video cameras, night vision scanners and high tech sensors. coming as congress intensifies immigration reform discussion. all right, talk about
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sparks flying. a couple's wedding gets a shocking interruption. take a look. >> it it's not happenstance that brian and holly. [lightning strike] >> alisyn: heart-stopping humble of thunder and lightning strike and it left the guests on a little on edge. but after a few moments, they picked up where they left off. i don't think god wants that couple to get married. [ laughter ] that's how i interpret that video. yesterday a bird flew and did something on me and that's supposed to be good news. >> tucker: that's good news? >> clayton: yeah. good luck. >> alisyn: it's supposedly good luck. that's how we comfort ourselves. >> tucker: that's foreboding i would say. >> clayton: do you remember when the president came into office he did a tour of europe and widely criticized by many feel for
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what he went to berlin and talked about. remember that rousing speech. he also went to other parts of europe. basically some said he was apologizing for america what the bush administration had done. we are going to be inclusive with all of europe. it appears that's what he is doing again and taking criticism this morning by heading to mexico and doing similar things. >> alisyn: some people have called this apology tour because he went to mexico and explained that he thinks that mexico is on the upswing. mind you many people in the audience thought he was talking about a differential mexico. he says mexico does have problems and it has problems with its drug war and has problems with weapons and violence and he said that america has to take responsibility for that because the lions share of guns in mexico come from the united states. >> clayton: let's take a look at what he said. >> in the united states we recognize our responsibilities. we understand that much of
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the root cause of violence is the demand for illegal drugs in the united states. we also recognize that most of the guns used to commit violence in mexico come from the united states. >> that's a truly outrageous statement. most of the guns in canada come from the united states. there is not an epidemic of violence there. mexico's problems have to do with mexico itself. it is run by people who steal. totally corrupt country with no rule of law and run by the drug cartels. if the united states didn't allow millions of illegal immigrants into our country mexico would be somalia. that would blow up. that is the pressure relief valve. we keep that country afloat to. blame us for their problems is over the top. >> clayton: doesn't deal with the drug cartels. massive corruption and police forces bought and paid for by the drug cartels. whoever gives the most money to the local police gets to run those -- >> clayton: that's our fault. >> apparently.
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>> unbelievable that the president of the united states. >> clayton: number of guns that come into the country. he fails to mention fast and furious the gun walking scandal that blew up under this administration. and attorney general eric holder held in contempt of congress. these guns, how sands of guns that were given, basically, to drug war lords in mexico in an effort, they said, to track where these things were going. >> alisyn: then they lost track of them. hundreds of those very guns have shown up at brian terry was killed. the president is there because this is on the eve of our immigration debate in the middle i should say immigration debate in this country. he was trying to say that mexico is coming on strong and mexico's economy is coming up. and it's a very bright future. and he gave this speech to iny students who said i
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like president obama and i like hearing him but i'm not sure what mexico he is talking about. 50% of mexican residents live under the poverty line. they thought his speech was overly rosy and not accurate depiction of the country they live in. >> clayton: president obama cited a pretty famous mexican writer octavia. liberal democrat by all accounts stood against castro's cuba. cited him a number of times throughout his speech. in 1980 he called the united states protecter of tyrants. because mexico couldn't modernize was because of the united states. >> tucker: very common view. a lot of public opinion polling in mexico. take a look at it the united states is dessurprised by many mexicans the mexican government is anti-american. one thing obama is right about it is worth paying attention to what is happening. we are tied to them and
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they to us. if mexico goes south we are in deeper trouble: are we as responsible for mexico's violence. there as many guns and there isn't that much crime in montana. not how many guns there are it's how people use them or mislead -- misuse them. >> bush administration. fox. texas governor. the amount of money that the bush administration was pouring in to mexico to help them, to stop the violence, to stop the corruption was really helping. so we were funneling all kinds, millions and millions of dollars no mexico and this the is thanks you get hundreds of thousands. a policy to help the mexican comoi. some say at the expense of our own. what do we get for it? a hostile reception and a lot of violence coming across the border. >> alisyn: let us know what you think of the state of
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mexico today. coming up, there are witnesses to the benghazi terror attack who want to speak out but the white house says they know about them. is this another coverup. a were toker justice department official is going to be here next with that. >> tucker: coca cola truck everturns it was not your typical crash. it never is when it's a soda truck. wait until you hear what distracted the driver. >> a pepsi truck drove by. ♪ i'm in love i'm all shook up. what do you think? that's great. it won't take long, will it? nah. okay. this, won't take long will it? no, not at all. how many of these can we do on our budget? more than you think. didn't take very long, did it? this spring, dig in and save. that's nice. post it. already did. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. ep you yard your own more doing.
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>> clayton: what are whistle blowers. >> i'm not familiar with this notion that has been blocked from investigating. >> they have hired an attorney because they have said they have been blocked from coming forward. >> i'm not familiar with
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it. >> let's be clear, benghazi happened a long time ago, we are unaware of any agency blocking employees to come forward. >> if they are whifer blowers shouldn't the administration be defending them rather than keeping them quiet? joining us is former department of justice official jay adams. thanks for joining us. >> good morning, tucker. >> how do you think whistle blowers are being silenced in the benghazi case? >> well, look, first of all play number one is to pretend you don't know about them. that's what the president did in your clip. play number 2 is to tell these guys to keep your mouth shut, to stay quiet. don't tell the truth how the entire national security apparatus rewrote the narrative on benghazi in the days after the tragedy occurred. so, this is an administration that doesn't like whistle blowers because it doesn't like transparency. >> tucker: how striking. i always imagined that liberals were the defenders of whistle blowers.
3:18 am
there are all sorts of federal statutes designed to protect them. those pushed by democrats historically. you hear all sorts of talk about how whistle blowers are key to running the government in a transparent, non-corrupt way. why this administration not taking a stand on behalf of whistle blowers, do you think? >> well, they only like whistle blowers when they are revealing things about republican administrations. when you have the situation in benghazi, where you have whistleblowers who are l. reveal the incompetence, the radicalism of this administration, suddenly the administration, the suddenly the left is no longer interested in the truth. they want to keep it quiet. they want to intimidate people and get them to not talk. >> tucker: what i have found so striking this has been a pretty prominent news story certainly here on fox and other places as well. that there are apparently people who know something about benghazi who were not there who have not been for whatever reason been allowed to testify in public. president said he never heard of this. day buy that. >> he professed ignorance.
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it's implawnget the story has the potential for it to it unravel for him to say he doesn't know is unbelievable. what about the last week since he does know? why hasn't he come out and say sure, the whistleblowers can testify. the truth is he is surrounded by people like ben rhodes. you will learn this name. ben rhodes is one of the senior advisors on the middle east. 38-year-old who is behind this policy and is helping to coordinate the campaign to keep the whistleblowers quiet. to keep the narrative stirred in the direction they want. it is implausible that the president doesn't know about this. >> tucker: everything comes out in the end, doesn't it. >> we hope. so that is what is great about america. we are open and transparent government. when you have incompetent radicals running the administration. transparency ultimately needs to win. >> i think it will. jay christian adams. thanks for joining us this morning. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: pedestrian
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narrowly cheats death as a car runs a red light and barely misses him. details on this crash coming who fight for your freedom at the same time. the military wife says we all need to take a little two time. that's up next. you say men are superior drivers?
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>> clayton: driver says he was making a turn when he sneezed a few times. he swerved off the road and flipped over. my mom cannot sneeze once, sneezed like 10 times in a row. don't ever drive a coke truck, mom. five times the speed of sound. that's how fast this air force aircraft flew in first successful. attached to a b-52 bomber. x 51 a wave rider. using experimental engine hope it will be able to deliver global strikes within minutes. alli? >> alisyn: thanks, clayton. she is creating jobs and helping military families all by brewing tea. our next guest says a special blend of he or shes can reduce stress and boost emotional well being and that's the secret to her success. joining us now is tea motions founder and military wife rachel crawford. rachel. great to see you. >> thank you, i appreciate
3:25 am
being here. >> t for teamotions. for your each motions. why you started the tea is very sad. you lost your twin daughters when they were newborn. >> my husband and i we lost our twin daughters a couple weeks after they were born. we were sad. >> alisyn: of course you were sad. it's devastating. you were hoping that there was something that could make you feel better. >> trust me, i was looking. very few things comforted me in that time but tea offered me consistent solace and comfort. i wish there was something we could put in your tea make you feel better it was that sort of light bulb moment. i will make it create it whatever we have to do to develop tea that have emotional well being properties. >> alisyn: you have done that. >> we have. >> alisyn: you have that that into action. tell me about the different teas and what sort of emotional problems they can help. >> all kinds. the most important thing to understand we anded he or
3:26 am
she that helps the body boost your stress response. help restore balance and help foster emotional well being. so, for example, we have tea called discover joy that has an herb that helps lift your mood and help combat any sort of sadness or depression. >> alisyn: fantastic. >> another tea called seek peace helps to release angers can you can feel more interpeace. >> alisyn: you have one called achieve clarity. >> who doesn't need more clarity? >> alisyn: how does that help with your mental acute? what he or shes have you put in herbs in. >> there improves oxygen uptake to your brain. restorative herb helps restore balance. brain will be nice and awake but your body will feel calm. >> alisyn: you also have created jobs, how you have done that. >> we are. a wonderful consultant opportunity which allows women but particularly
3:27 am
military spowses -- i'm a military spouse so i understand the challenges that military spouses face. it allows them to work from hone, pick their own hours and make more than minimum mum wage partner with us to share hope and healing. >> alisyn: speaking of you being a military spouse. talk about your husband is he deploying today? >> take off a 11:00 tonight. we're going to miss him. it's kind of the beginning of a long string of deployments. those are my boys. >> alisyn: beautiful. >> we have a beautiful family. and we believe in service to this country and we are honored to do it. >> alisyn: what a beautiful family. kirk crawford. we wish him best with his deployment today. thanks so much for coming in. >> thank you. teamotions >> alisyn: thank you so much. >> thank you. >> alisyn: talk about a close call. a pedestrian narrowly escapes death as a car runs a red light and narrowly misses him. kentucky derby and anna
3:28 am
kooiman is in her lovely hat and she is live from churchill downs. anna? >> good morning to you alli and everybody at home. the horses are out. they are stretching their legs. getting ready for 139th kentucky derby. i will catch up with two of the shottest jockeys to make history after the break. ç@2x@x@x@x@x@x@x@x@x@@
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>> this is a big weekend. on saturday you have the kentucky derby. this sunday is cinco de mayo. in cheers] >> while monday is the day you wake up and wonder why you are wearing a saddle. [ laughter ] >> alisyn: a saddle? i thought he was going it to say a hat. i didn't see the saddle coming. >> tucker: thanks to jj hat center for providing derby hats. >> tucker: our own anna kooiman is down at the 139th kentucky derby. we will talk to her in a moment and whether or not the rain will happen. you remember a few years ago we got the mud and the mudders. what horse is a better mudder. if you get a good mudder then your chances is winning a tough mudder. >> tucker: increases the drama. new detailed how the boston bombing suspect died. peter doocy is live with the latest on this investigation. peter, what do you know.
3:33 am
>> tucker, we are hearing more about some evidence in this investigation including at least one phone call catherine russell had with her husband tamerlan tsarnaev while he was on the run. in addition to at least one email. we are told that email had an attachment. that attachment may have contained a photo of tamerlan on the fbi wanted poster. same -- the picture that we have all seen. we are also now hearing for the first time that it's something many people have speculated about. al qaeda's web magazine inspire was on some computers that the fbi looked at. we just don't know whose computer right now. catherine russell or one of the tsarnaev brothers. catherine russell, we're told, is still insisting investigators right now. dzhokhar tsarnaev is in jail and tamerlan her husband is dead from gunshot wounds to the torso and extreatments wells blunt trauma to the head and torso. we confirmed he died
3:34 am
violently like his victims. his body is about an hour from the finish line where neighbors at this funeral home were protesting because they do not want a terrorist in their neighborhood but the funeral director is saying that everyone deserves a distinguished burial. >> when you say help to bury, why would you help to bury a terrorist? i'm helping to bury a body that has to be buried. nothing to do with a terrorist. if i didn't know he was terrorist. i have buried people here who were murderers. >> that funeral director also said that every single seam tear in the state of massachusetts rejected his request to bury tamerlan tsarnaev on their property. back to you in new york. >> alisyn: thanks for that update. so much more coming out and some more developments about that family and their background including what tamerlan was doing in dagestan for those six months. the russians have been doing some good reporting on that.
3:35 am
russia papers have been trying to trace the trail of what he did there. did he know extremists and radicals and militants there and was -- if not in cahoots at least friendly with them. more of that throughout the show. let's get to your other headlines. nearly a hundred students and staff at a florida middle school were sickened after a 12-year-old dispersed pepper spray in the hallway. of those 37 taken to a local hospital for their injuries. one student says it was scare ask and chaotic. >> it was just like a horror movie. people crying, screaming or just plain panic. eyes and nose started burning and everyone just started to run out of the building to get away. >> luckily no one was seriously hurt. the 12-year-old female responsible for the incident is facing a demeanor charge of disruption of a school function. county commission in maryland coming under attack for opening its meetings with prayer. >> and because there is power in the lord's name, i
3:36 am
pray in jesus' name, amen. >> two residents are suing the carroll county commissioners saying their use of jesus and savior violates the use of church and state. one of the residents calls himself a catholic still calling for the commission to use a prayer encompassing all faiths. commissioners say they are not doing anything wrong. >> we fall under the first amendment too. we are people. it doesn't talk about freedom from religion. >> the commission says this is more about politics. the residents are both democrats, while the board is all republican. >> all right. there is dramatic video of a car crash. caught on a red light camera. yikes. take a look as the driver runs the lights, slams to another car and almost hits the pedestrians. look as the man avoids being struck. the driver of the car that was hit says it's a miracle he was okay. >> i don't even know -- i'm not mad at him. i would tell him slow down.
3:37 am
>> alisyn: good message. no word on the condition of the driver. the or if any charges were filed. those are your headlines. well, dramatic weather on the west coast apparently feeding a fire in ventura. janice dean on the scene to tell us. >> yes, we are watching california, of course, what other day you can wear a fancy hat than kentucky derby day. i had hat envy on earlier with anna kooiman out there on churchill downs. we will talk about that first alert forecast. first of all, let's talks about the snow. incredible record breaking snow that we saw across the northern plains, the rockies and the upper midwest. record-breaking historic, unprecedented snow. we set records all over the place. these are just some of them in minnesota a foot of snow. owe claire 9.3 inches. you get the point. arkansas their first snow ever in state for may. i mean, it was just
3:38 am
incredible. look at those temperatures. freezing across minneapolis. 37 in kansas city. 37 in memphis. you get the picture. we have got that cold front that's going to march eastward. bring incredible amounts of rain over the mississippi valley. areas that don't need to see rain. flood advisories all up and down the mississippi river. here is the rain we see next several days 2 to 3 inches southeast and parts of the river see valley. kentucky derby i haired you talk about a mudder. it could very well be a mudder at 6:24 for the kentucky derby as they are expecting rain in the area. all those taken hats that might come in handy. >> alisyn: good we will need them. >> nicely done! >> isn't it fantastic? >> very nice. >> look at tucker carlson for a moment if you will. somebody take a closeup of this. >> he looks like matthew from downtown abbey.
3:39 am
>> there is nothing you can do to embarrass me. >> alisyn: i beg to you wear that out to lunch today. >> i will. >> our own anna kooiman is down running of the roses. she is there in a beautiful hat in the middle of all of the action. good morning, an' be that. >> hey. good morning. alli. it's not fair we look better in these hats than the boys. charlie chaplain for tucker and clayton looks like a barber shop band ♪ hello my baby. >> about 160,000 people are going to be packing into churn hill downs later today wearing big hats, seersucker. elegant umbrellas and drinking mint june july lips. first female to win the kentucky. first african-american since 1902. take a listen. >> what's it like to be a female jockey? >> well, i mean, for me, i'm on a level playing field with all the guys, i
3:40 am
don't really think about it the gender issue much. >> i understand you have had five major spills. who you do you bounce back? >> >> the first time it was kind of an awakening that i got the realization that, you know, this will happen to me too. after my third spill, i thought well, you know, things come in threes and i have paid my dues. and then when the fourth spill came around i realize, you know, no, this can happen to any of us any day. even though i'm just coming back off my fourth injury. it could happen again tomorrow. that's just something that, you know, i have really had to accept. i don't think about, you know, whether or not i will be injured again, that doesn't really cross my mind. it's just the unpredictable. >> there is so much history in the kentucky and jim roe act kept it segregated.
3:41 am
still very few african-americans that are jokes, why do you think that is. >> a lot of sports is basically played with balls, basic shall baseball, bask basketball, football. that's what it's turned into. >> people are calling you a trailblazer how do you feel about that. >> i don't know about a trailblazer. i'm pretty happy. waiting for tomorrow. >> you brought along your son. how much support are you getting from your family throughout all of this. >> i mean, i have got huge support for them. they are happy. they are excited. they are pumped right now. >> so voz going to be riding my loots. and golden sense. i'm going with varanzo favorite. auto now a new yorker and the name of the bridge that connects brooklyn and staten island. >> are you picking a horts.
3:42 am
>> at that pointanzee. >> i'm going with midtown tunnel. >> alisyn: big mistake. you look great. we want to thank jj hat center for providing us with these beautiful lids. >> thank you for giving them to us. >> tucker: hats off. >> clayton: coming up next on the show apparently half of all americans were loving it last month. the shocking number of americans who dined at mickey d's in april. were you among them? >> tucker: everything about bacterial soap. it may actually be bad for you. marc siegel with more on that. i had enough of feeling embarrassed about my skin.
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>> quick headlines for you. a new study says 4 the% of all americans over the age of 14 eat at mcdonald's in march. no word on how many fillet of fish. most popular retail business in this country despite the study mcd's concerned about minimal revenue game. >> denise richard preparing charlene sheen's twin boys after taken away from their mother. taken away because of drug use. richards previously cared for the twins when muriel went to rehappen last year. clayton? >> thanks so much, tucker. listen to this parents out there. try a chemical found in about 75% of antibacterial wash body wash. things like toys and toothpaste has in there f.d.a. is set to complete decades long review and make a major decision on
3:47 am
the germ killing ingredient is it safe or dangerous? here is dr. marc siegel. dock, some troubling information about this chemical that we have been using for 40 years in this country, may be incredibly hard to us. >> something called grandfathering. in the f.d.a. started to examine this stuff back in the 1970s, and pulled the they found it absorbed into the skin. taken them 40 years whether try close san is anti-back toler -- antibacterial. they will probably make a decision by the end of this year. >> clayton: what does this chem do. >> concern has to do with fertility. accumulating studies in animals out of florida, out of the e.p.a. have shown
3:48 am
that it interferes with sperm and testosterone, estrogen. may lead to early pursuant. this is animal studies. it would be nice if we had something on humans but it doesn't necessarily help very much. if i say to you that everything in medicine is a cost benefit, what's the risk? and what's the benefit? and then i told you that the centers for disease control says use hand sanitizers that are alcohol based. wash your hands with soap without this stuff. and there is no benefit from using this. then i say get it out. >> clayton: we talked to this chemical about. this my wife out in front on this she is smart. he said explain try low san. dirty see crant in this toothpaste. the only reason it is there because people are too lazy to brush their teeth for two minutes. use water to brush your teeth. because we are too lazy, we stick it in there to try to kill the bacteria in our mouths. >> there is a study that they have pointed to that it decreases general vits
3:49 am
gin i didn't vits in toothpaste. i found in my bathroom is try low san free soap. in my bathroom try low san soap. plumbing fertility rates among men. early pursuant among girls and boys in this country. if you start to connect the dots, could this be to blame. >> no, this can't be to blame but a contributing factor. >> the study that convinced me the university of michigan did a study that showed no advantage from soaps with triclosan washing your hands longer. same point you made with the toothpaste as with the soap.
3:50 am
wash our hands a few seconds longer or alcohol based get rid of the bacteria. >> like tom's brand that has no triclosan in it or some of these other non-triclosan based products. >> i'm not going to come on here and tell you what toothpaste to use. i'm convinced that this particular chemical doesn't add anything and there may be a small potential risk in terms of fertility. the less chemicals we are exposed to the better. there is no proof here yet. i think my opinion is the f.d.a. is going to weigh in on this. it's a billion-dollar industry, clayton, that could be one of the reasons it's slow to happen. >> clayton: money and lobbyists in there, too. >> yeah. >> clayton: great stuff. >> good to see you, clayton. coming up here on the show. think you can whistle, probably not as good as this guy ♪ >> clayton: meet the international whistle convention entertainer of the year. and he can even talk to a chicken. [snapping fingers]
3:51 am
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3:54 am
comop whistling entertainer of the year award. how do you get to be whistler entertainer of the year it's not just about whistling. >> it's a great honor that i received this award but it's your ability as a whistler to entertain the
3:55 am
public andside the public likes you and nominates you as the entertainer. >> when does your whistling specialty start? >> it started when i was 4 years old. i used to mimic the birds in the trees like the robin. [whistling] >> clayton: that's like waking up in high house right now. what else can you do? >> clayton: tucker is a big outdoors guy can you do a turkey? >> like most americans? [gobbling] >> that's a tom turkey. >> tucker: what's the toughest animal to mimic with whistle. >> toughest a mockingbird. they do so many different variations. sometimes can i do it. sometimes i can't. you know, like they will
3:56 am
go. [bird chirping] and then they goal and we go back and forth. i have a great time. >> tucker: can you talk to birds. >> yes i can. >> tucker: and they respond. >> yes. >> when you pass a graveyard do you whistle? >> well, not really. >> tucker: you are a wise man. >> clayton: people say they have tried to whistle and they can't. what's the secret? >> the secret is you have to close you and you have to pretend and you pucker up and then you just blow. [tweeting] >> tucker: can you whistle a song to break? >> alisyn: what's your favorite song. >> my favorite song to whistle is amazing grace. >> alisyn: more "fox & friends" in few minutes but in the meantime here is
3:57 am
amazing grace ♪ whistling amazing grace] [ man ] on december 17, 1903, the wright brothers became the first in flight. [ goodall ] i think the most amazing thing is how like us these chimpanzees are. [ laughing ] [ woman ] can you hear me? and you hear your voice? oh, it's exciting! [ man ] touchdown confirmed. we're safe on mars. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ hi. [ baby fussing ] ♪
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4:00 am
>> alisyn: good morning, today is saturday, may 4th. this morning the boston suspects radicalized in a russian capital for terror? the latest on the investigation and why no cemetery will take his body. >> and obama care illegal? how south carolina went against the supreme court of the united states and made implementing obama care a crime. will it stick? we'll have more in a minute. >> clayton: plus, did you ever wish you could control your dreams? >> dreams, they feel real while we are in them, right? only when we wake up when we find out something is actually strange. >> clayton: why inception may not just be a hollywood
4:01 am
movie anymore but reality. "fox & friends" hour two starts right now. >> good morning, we want to get to extreme weather center for southern california this morning. massive wildfire now burning 43 square miles. check out this remarkable image of man standing on the roof of his home as the flames quickly approach. the fires are only 20 percent contained at this hour. shifting winds make it difficult to get handle on the flames. will firemen get any relief today. janice dean live in the exsteaming weather center. she has the first alert forecast. >> i do have good news fortunately for firefighters in the area. they had incredible conditions to deal with fire season has come a little bit early. typically we see fires start to erupt in the late summer, early fall. because we have had such a drought and the winds were
4:02 am
incredible. we saw wind gusts in excess to 45 miles per hour yesterday. and that fire just blossomed three times the size of what it was. they just couldn't control it. so the good news is winds are going to shift for the better. and you can see on the satellite radar imagery. they were offshore. you can actually see some of the smoke that was pushed offshore in the last 48 hour loop. but then they are now switching to an onshore flow. that is going to give the moisture from the pacific to move in and the temperatures are going to slowly move downward, which is great news. this is one of the fires that we are talking about. we are seeing the images on the left side of your screen. conditions are going to be improving for the area. temperatures yesterday were in the 80's, 90's across the desert southwest because we have got that on shore flow, the temperatures are in the 60's right now. the humidity is up. we're getting all of that moisture from the pacific. we actually could see some rain in the first alert forecast on sunday for this area.
4:03 am
so, better news ahead for the firefighters. they really need the help of mother nature here as the fire is just 20% contained. as we gte into sunday and monday. temperatures much cooler and a lot more moisture in the atmosphere. that is great news. certainly going to keep you up to day. the other big story is the tale of two stories. dry conditions across the west. a lot of moisture across the east where we saw record-breaking rain and snow and cold temperatures and, of course, we will continue to keep you up to date on all of those weather stories from the fox news extreme weather center. tucker, clayton, alisyn back to you. >> another big story we are following for you this morning. brand new details about the death of the boston bombing suspect tamerlan tsarnaev and about that female d.n.a. found on one of the bombs. peter doocy live in boston with the very latest on this. good morning, peter. >> good morning, clayton. and the funeral home is telling us that the immediate cause of death for tam tamerlan tsarnaev is gunshot wounds to the torso
4:04 am
and extreatments as well as blunt trauma to the head and torso. but that does not specifically explain if he was killed in the gun battle with police or when his brother allegedly ran him over with the car. as for the latest in the investigation. authorities went back to the area around u mass darted mouth yesterday where dzhokhar tsarnaev was a student. they were searching for bomb testing sites for about five hours yesterday separately sources are telling us that tamerlan tsarnaev's wife vufl assisting authorities. now investigators are trying to figure out if she also assisted her husband while he was on the run. sources have described to us a phone call and at least one email between catherine and tamerlan after the bombing. and that email may have been contained a photo attachment of the fbi wanted poster with that now infamous surveillance shot that we have all seen. tamerlan though, of course, is dead.
4:05 am
and every cemetery in massachusetts has rejected requests to bury his body. nobody wants him in his neighborhood. including the folks out in wooster about an hour away from here who are upset that funeral home there is handling the final arrangements the funeral director says is he doing his jont same way the doctors who saved the younger bombing suspect dzhokhar's life did their job. >> when you say helped to burry, why would you help to bury a terrorist? i'm helping to bury a body that has to be buried. nothing to do with a terrorist. if i didn't know he was terrorists. i bury people here who are murderers. we have confirmation about something that a lot of people have speculated about the al qaeda web magazine inspire was found on some computers that the fbi has been poring through in this investigation. we just don't know if it was a computer s to catherine russell or one of the tsarnaev
4:06 am
brothers at this point. >> alisyn: reporting out of russia ha has come out though about what happened while he was in dagestan. the older brother went back to this part of chechnya a hot bed of extremismism. terrorist attack and, in fact there was a terrorist bombing perpetrated by 16-year-old and 19-year-old. city was on lockdown. can you speculate this was a copycat on some level something he learned while in dagestan. >> clayton: further this morning we are learning more about the scrutiny given to these student visas. this has made headlines. one the friends of tamerlan and dzhokhar had an inspired visa revoked in january. he then assisted in dumping backpacks and other such things allegedly into landfills. why was this person allowed back into the united states? well, this morning we are learning the homeland security department has ordered border agents to now effective immediately
4:07 am
verify all student visas that are currently outstanding in the united states. that was a laugh. this is being done, of course, after it's already in some sense too late. people killed in boston. this already happened. why does it take a terror attack like this to remind us that we should check to see if visas are still valid. >> alisyn: it gets worst. the border agent when he came back in through the airport tazhayakov, when he came back into the check point did not have access to the department of homeland security records. so the data that is stored at the contempt -- department of homeland security border patrol agents at points of entry cannot access it. >> clayton: this is exactly what we went through after 9/11. all of these agencies who couldn't communicate. how the fbi's computer couldn't talk to the cia. how the first responders in new york and nypd didn't have access to certain terrorist information. here you go again. so you have the homeland security department, which
4:08 am
is supposed to be the place that was created where all of this stuff was to come in central database and the border agents couldn't have access to that information. >> irony while students coming in or going out with visas no longer valid and no one is doing anything about it the rest of us are coming under more intense scrutiny. cameras watch us. >> alisyn: take our shoes off. get frinksed. >> stripped at the airport. law abiding americans going through the paces in order to keep the country safe. the very people who pose a threat to the country potentially aren't being scrutinized out of nowhere. >> we keep asking in the wake of the boston bombing how much of our freedom do we want to give up? >> no more. >> clayton: how about clamp down on student visas, gapping holes in the system that should have been closed after 9/11. we don't need to give up any more of our freedom. clamp down on gapping holes in our security system. >> tucker: law awiding people pay the price. shooting occurs law abiding people under scrutiny because they own guns. they aren't going to do
4:09 am
anything wrong with those guns. let's focus on the people who pose a threat and not the ones who pose no threat which is most people in america. >> clayton: now we have got some headlines. >> alisyn: tell you what is happening at this hour frantic search underway for missing minnesota woman whose estranged boyfriend shot himself just before police could question him. mandy mantula last seen last wednesday with david roe. she was reported missing the next day. roe went into the police department for questioning but he shot himself in the head in the parking lot before police could talk to him. hundreds of people coward the parks looking for any sign. >> i miss her. oso just have to keep praying that, you know, she is safe and she is not suffering. >> roe is alive but unresponsive. police say he left a note in his car but would not reveal what it said.
4:10 am
finders keepers, loser weepers, new hampshire took the store's name literally and took a grill right off the front porch. you know what? you have got to spell these things out to people. the suspect says it was an honest mistake. he has taken stuff from there before without paying for it police are not buying it because the store was closed at the time. >> a happy homecoming in washington state as some of our country's bravest return home. well, thousands of friends and family waited eagerly. the uss has been gone for the last 8 months. say lores say they are gadd to be home. >> incredible to be back home and back where i need to be with my wife and my family. >> the sailors will be home for about a year while the ship undergoes maintenance. those are your headlines. >> ship shape. >> all right. let's talk about south
4:11 am
carolina this morning because as obama care unfolds around the country and into states. we keep hearing that it's not fully implemented of course it probably won't be until 2014. many states are throwing down the gauntless saying we don't want it here and doing everything they can in their power to keep it south carolina may have taken the furthest step trying to keep obama care out of that state. >> south carolina state house passed a bill saying that they consider it illegal. they will not be implementing anybody who tries to implement the affordable care act. aka obama care will be in breech of this bill. it's because of the governor there, nikki hailey say they can't afford it here she is. >> we will in the pursue the type of government run health exchanges being forced on us by washington. despite the rose colored rhetoric coming out of d.c., these exchanges are nothing more than a way to make the state do the federal government's bidding and spending massive amounts of taxpayer dollars on insurance
4:12 am
subsidies that we can't afford. >> tucker: do you know what i like about this? it's taking place in public. this is a debate that they are having in south carolina. everyone can see. you can pull the video and contrast this with what the u.s. congress is doing, secret negotiations to excement key hill staffs from obama care. because if they have to aby the by the regulations a lot of the smart people will leave because they can't afford to work there. >> alisyn: parsing all sorts of waivers as well. we report on them but you don't know about them until after big companies are able to get out of it. >> clayton: is this a show? >> look how the municipal court ruled on this all right. do states then have a ride to find certain things within the law that they deem unconstitutional or that they're going to find illegal and therefore it trumps federal law? this was the whole thing at the heart of the municipal court decision. >> tucker: obama people
4:13 am
thought they were being clever delaying key parts until after his election. that was the whole plan day one. i'm not sure it's going to be turn out so clever find out more what obama care means. people will rebel. more expensive and curtail your choices in healthcare, period. >> alisyn: memorial day weekend barbecue could be a pain in your wallet. how the price of beef is now at an all-time high. we will try to give you solutions. >> tucker: obama administration making big brother even bigger. wait until you hear what his regulations are costing you. that would be you the taxpayer. we have got details after the break. [ male announcer ] with free package pickup
4:14 am
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4:17 am
>> tucker: welcome back. feel regulated enough? if not, new avalanche piled up during president obama's first term. bills are costing americans an actually $70 billion a year. >> alisyn: new study by the heritage foundation found 131 major regulations over the past four years and, guess what? it only counted those that cost at least $100 million per year. so joining us now is ben the co-founder of red state group blowing great to have you here. >> good way to sort of think about it is when legislation comes through congress, you can calculate all the estimates that you have based on taxes, beared on how much spending you are going to see through it but one of the things that you don't calculate in a formal term is how much it is going to cost the taxpayer in terms of the products that they buy, the
4:18 am
lost work yours and compliance and things of that nature. most expensive regulation that we saw under this research was one through the e.p.a. which the fuel economy standards for new cars which would raise the cost of the new car by about $1,800 on average. that's the sort of thing that you don't calculate when you are pushing this legislation through the process but it actually has a huge impact on the economy. >> tucker: if you have an economy that has low growth and high unemployment and we have both. you want people to start new businesses is anyone measuring the deterrence to that from these new regulations? >> you know it's very difficult to measure something along those lines, businesses that don't exist. but i think you have to say that these go doo have an impact. particularly i think within obama care. obviously dodd frank and obama care together today account for almost 30,000 pages of regulations. new regulations that touch every aspect of the economy. and so for a small business that's trying to just analyze how they are going to comply with these laws. there is an enormous impact in terms of a disincentive
4:19 am
to even get involved in this way. >> alisyn: we showed a graphic that showed that the major contributor to rtion regulations is the e.p.a. obviously everyone wants clean air and water. but why is it -- why are we still in this day and age spending that number of $40 billion? >> really in this case it's because the obama administration has had that aspect of their changes of their laws when it comes to clean air and water come to apply yet. you were talking just a few moments ago about obama care being implemented over the course of president obama's second term. but the reason that hhs is so much lower on that list is that a lot of those regulations haven't kicked in yet. good wham of a cost that wasn't estimated. when obama care was passed giving authority to hhs which benefits essential for cover. ones that became the most croferls became essential.
4:20 am
every employer of a certain size provide see contraception cor-j -- coverage for all of their employees. that is enormous cost in terms of the number of the things that are going to be passed on to the rest of us higher premiums. >> tucker: people are ordered around what kind of light bulbs, toilet head. shower head. turn point people don't get to make their own choices. greg, thank you for being with us. >> good to be with you. >> alisyn: don't fear the loch ness monster. new monster lurking in the water. stay tuned. i know this is your favorite? >> bill: in a body of water near you. money, cars and clothes but don't want to work for any of it new study says we can blame, wait for it baby boomers. of course. dr. keith ablow weighs in on that ♪ you hurt my feelings, todd.
4:21 am
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>> 24 minutes past of hour. $59 is how much money the department of defense is paying for green jet fuel for the army. just signed a deal poor more than 3600 gallons, bringenning will total cost to more than $215,000. next, $201. and $68. that's the new record price for every 100 pounds of beef in the u.s. the high prices come just as people are getting ready to fire up their grills for memorial day. finally, the fourth. that's today's date. which also happens to be star wars day. clayton morris' favorite
4:25 am
day of the year. play off the famous line may the force be with you. in honor of it "fox & friends first" had a special guest chewbacca on set earlier to celebrate. >> >> out of more than 350,000 high school seniors. 62% want a lot of money but 39% didn't want to work hard to get it. what does this say about generation y? it dr. keith ablow is here to respond to this. nice to see you. >> nice to see you. >> clayton: researchers say it's probably the baby boomer's fault for. this explain. >> well, basically, the researchers are authorizing that generations before generation y are the ones who sort of addicted them
4:26 am
to material goods that peeked during the movie wall street if you remember that when the main character said greed is good. there are other factors in play here like the internet. and social networking and the entitlement nation we have created that suggest people should want consumer goods but they should be either at their finger tips and keyboard or pg coming from the state. trickle down see the greatest generation. the baby boom happens in 1945 and 1946. then you have the baby boom generation. did the baby boomers then raise a group of kids and basically said, look, i worked hard, my parents worked hard. i don't want to you have to work hard. >> well, i think they may have said that but we haven't been in their homes to listen to them what we do know is that consumerism is at a fever pitch. never before have people
4:27 am
been exposed to so many graphic literally images flowing to them in a gigantic pipeline from the worldwide web. never before have we elected officials in washington who see their primary job as dispensing goodies to people who didn't earn them. shouldn't be surprise with facebook. people wanting to see their own image that they would want to make themselves look good. nice cars to drive and they didn't want to work. contrary to that author's particular conclusion about boomers causing. this the degree to which people say they want to work hard that's consistently declined. 39% now say they agree with the statement i don't want to work hard. >> clayton: what can i part to my children to make sure
4:28 am
they are working hard and they are not lazy and they don't just feel entitled? >> you know what? it's the old adage that you have to go and impower that individual to the extent that we invest in our kids and say you are special and you are creative and you can do things but it takes hard work, get your homework done. do some chores here is your aleo yassenoff foundation. these are the old fashioned ways self-esteem. manifesting good things about themselves. that feels great, but if you give them stuff for nothing and you let them curse around the web -- course around the web looking at rap stars with diamond necklaces who think that's success. well, that's a formula for utter and complete dasser. areas where i have been selfish and egotistical in my life i want to make sure my kids don't have them in
4:29 am
them. >> could you list those now those areas you selfish because i want to help. >> clayton: we don't have all show. >> i think it's getting worse. we can help reverse this trend. web is a drug getting kids high and they want to stay high. >> clayton: i believe we can change. >> have a great weekend. >> all right, my friend, take care. >> did you ever wish you could control your dreams. maybe this is a way to do it. >> dreams feel real while we are in them, right? it's only when we wake up when we actually realize something is strange. >> why inception may not just be a hollywood movie after all but soon a reality. plus, how about some donuts and french toast with a kick. latest summer brunch meals that will make your mouth water. changing the world is exhausting business.
4:30 am
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4:33 am
>> alisyn: fox news alert for you right now. there are brand new details coming in overnight that israel says it has carried out an air strike against syria because the weapons that syria were storing were sent -- were going to be sent to an islamic militant group reportedly. elizabeth prann has the latest information live from d.c. elizabeth, what can you tell us? >> alli, a u.s. official confirms with fox news that israel has conducted an air strike into syria while
4:34 am
president bashar assad makes his second public appearance this week. reports are the attack took place early friday. israeli military officials aiming at what they call a, quote: game changing weapon facility. the associated press is reporting it was a shipment of advanced long range ground-to-ground missiles. israeli officials confirm targeting weapons bound for the lebanese militant group, hezbollah. it was the second israeli strike this year against syria in hopes to cripple the group. this while the -- while president obama telling reporters last night, although he does not foresee a scenario in which the u.s. would send boots on the ground to syria. the u.s. is concerned about the state of the war torn country and will not sit on the sidelines. in part, he said, quote: we are not waiting. we are not standing by. we are currently the largest humanitarian donor to deal with the crisis in syria he said we are the largest contributor to nonlethal aid to the opposition. that being said. earlier in the week defense secretary chuck hagel told
4:35 am
the media that administration is rethinking its position on providing arms to the rebels so it is certainly something that we are going to be keeping an eye on. tucker? alli, clayton, back to you. >> thanks, elizabeth. >> alisyn: thanks so much elizabeth. get to your headlines. the fbi are now helping investigating the death of a prominent pennsylvania doctor from cyanide poisoning. police searched the home of autumn klein and removed bags of evidence. officials say they are gathering information from two hospitals where klein and her husband worked. klein died last month after collapsing in her home. police will say her death is being investigated as both a suicide and a homicide. meanwhile, a food fight at a florida high school quickly growing out of control. as you can see hundreds of students all watched as the fight moved from the calf cafeteria to the courtyard. one student was arrested for shoving you the assistant principal during the melee. officials are reviewing more surveillance video to see if more arrests need to be made. wow, a new sleeping
4:36 am
bringing the movie inception to real life. >> dreams, they feel real while we're in them, right? it's only when we wake up that we realize something actually strange. >> alisyn: now you don't have to be awake to know you had a dream. this mask from remee claims to be able to let us know we are dreaming without waking up. the mask has red lights on 00 inside that flash while we sleep. seeing the lights alerts us that we are in a dream and allows us to control what is going on. clayton, surely you have had experience with this. clayton has nodded off on the set. clayton? clayton? >> clayton: oh, sorry. better reality. i actually tried that we actually featured that on the show prototype phase. >> tucker: did it work? >> clayton: you need to be sleeping. we tried it on the set to go through the process. i don't know janice, if i
4:37 am
ever have even awakened from that state. >> sorry to wake you up. >> tucker: what is going on janice, more than a food snow? >> a lot of people think they are waking up to a nightmare because it's may and we have seen record breaking snow. look at minneapolis. this is nice in december when you have got santa on the way. but not in may. we saw records shattered all across the midwest down through the central plains. arkansas has never seen snow in may. and it happened. so, really, this is just incredible as some folks are just thinking i just don't want to go through this anymore. let's take a look at the satellite radar imagery. i will show you where the storm is right now. the snow is tapering off, thank goodness but not after dumping in some cases over a foot, a foot and a half of snow. look, this is incredible for may. to see 18 to 24 inches on the ground across iowa, up towards the u.p. of michigan.
4:38 am
each down towards arkansas. i mean, it really is quite incredible. fortunately, we think this is it. but never say never in the weather department. look at some of these all time state records. 18 inches in parts of minnesota. wisconsin, 17 inches there. a foot in iowa. and, again, five inches in arkansas, a place where they have never seen may snow. and there is some of the other notable totals. 28 inches in colorado. so, hopefully we're done with the snow, but, again, never say never. i hear that there is some breakfast going on. tucker, inside? >> nope, not in here, janice. >> you asked the question, janice, i'm grateful you did. who wants breakfast when you can do brunch? >> i'm there. >> tucker: exactly. come on in the studio. here to show us some way to incorporate the fresh flavors of spring into a delicious brunch menu are chef kyle mcclelland and chef vincent at the --
4:39 am
petrillo. vincent is also a former food network chop champ. nice to see you this morning. we are entering spring idea of brunch sitting outdoors and having a meal and getting everyone together is what is behind all of this. >> at the restaurant we use fresh items. this is some of the stuff we offer on brunch menu. >> french toast the winner over here. classic and we do differently. stuff it with a fresh berries and we do like the maple syrup. do spiced maple syrup. >> what is that? i have been eyeing that all morning. >> stuffed benies. >> did you ever get nittany lion eat an entire bowl of those. >> every day. every brunch. >> if you don't want a sugar bomb in the morning and believe me those look tempting what are your other suggestion. >> really nice spring pea soup. milk based. spring garlic.
4:40 am
and it's steeped and then we purre the fresh peas into it. search with. >> you don't happen to have any here right now do you. >> do. >> frogs legs? >> we do them in the restaurant. >> look how pretty this is. little beautiful flowers as garnish. put in the pea soup. alli is downing some pea soup. eggs benedict. you do interesting version. >> restaurant we do it's called the prospect benedict. house pork belly. kind of like bacon and then we do thick bacon. >> that's just out of hand. >> look at the spoon given me to sample the pea soup. this will do it. i will use the ladle. >> eggs we do in house. it's really fun. >> this is delicious. >> clayton: we're going to
4:41 am
have alli make a flat bread here? it has caramelized onions eat it for breakfast. smoked bacon that we do. a little fresh cheddar cheese and arugula friday eggs on top. >> are those cooked already? >> right here? >> alisyn: i know how to crack an egg. >> i'm impressed. >> you have got to crack a few of those to make an omelet. >> okay. so once i fry these up, then i'm going to pop them on to the spatula? >> okay. >> tucker: do you add flour. >> we have all of these beautiful garnishments a really nice farm in ohio. >> tucker: do you eat them? >> alisyn: i hope so. i just did. do they have any hallucinogenic effect. >> not at all.
4:42 am
unfortunately. >> alisyn: do this sunny side up. >> we do like little friday eggs. >> alisyn: do you want me to flip them. >> no. >> alisyn: put them on the pizza? >> put them on the flat bread. show her how it's done. >> set off a smoke alarm in here. >> this looks really good. >> unbelievable. you are single handedly bringing bag lunch. >> we're going to taste all these things momentarily and people can find your recipes i hope on our web site? >> yes at >> eat well. >> coming up here on the show we will be talking about this. there are witnesses to the benghazi terror attack that wanted to speak out. the white house says they knew nothing about it. is this another coverup or are they telling the truth? americans deserve to know the truth is he going to join us next.
4:43 am
>> tucker: new monster lurking in the water or appears to be. where this thing was just spotted. recognize that? >> alisyn: look at this. we just completed our pizza. fantastic. [ lisa ] my name's lisa, and chantix helped me quit. i honestly loved smoking, and i honestly didn't think i would ever quit. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. it put me at ease that you could smoke on the first week. [ male announcer ] some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depresd mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chanti if you notice any of these stop taking chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of depression or otr mental health proems, which could get worse while taking chantix. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you develop these stop taking chantix and see your doctor right away
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the cleaning games are finished? and so are we. [ male announcer ] clean more, work less, with the mr. clean magic eraser extra power. >> tucker: benghazi bombshell speaking to fox news u.s. military forces were left out in the cold the night of the terror attack. >> the problem with state department is they don't have those procedures in place. and now, you know, they are making up for all the mistakes they made with excuse and there is no excuse. >> tucker: joining me now from virginia beach to discuss the handling of benghazi is scott taylor. mr. taylor, thanks a lot for joining us.
4:47 am
the administration says, as you know, that they have reviewed what happened on september 11th in benghazi and they are satisfied that the response was adequate. do you buy that? >> no, i don't. in fact, we're calling for the select committee to make sure that the folks get answers, like you said, i'm in virginia beach in virginia we have 800,000 veterans that something smells fishy. we see committee form so all the powers get together and can find out what really happened. >> tucker: jay carney made the point it's been a long time since benghazi has happened. it's been many months. why don't we know precisely why aid wasn't sent to those americans killed? >> sure. what you see, of course, there has been a lot of stalling and stonewalling and folks not wanting to testify, having excuses not to testify. again, jay carney, that's a pretty ridiculous statement and quite frankly i think he should be fired over it but a lot of americans want to know the answers and want the select committee to come together and investigate. i was speaking with former
4:48 am
teammate of mine this morning on the way over here. we were on the set before and quite frankly talking about extremist force. when you get the call, man, you are ready to go. within a short period of time your bags are packed and ready to get in there and rescue fellow morns. >> absolutely. it's not as much we didn't know this was happening. cameras monitoring the fire fight in progress; is that correct? >> yes. as the administration testified, there was a drone overhead that was checking it out and you know it's interesting that generalham told a sitting member of congress his people were ready to go and he never got the call. these are things the american people want to know and how our leadership handled. when you have a break-in at democratic national headquarters and watergate that warranted a special commission then you need the same thing for the break-in of a u.s. embassy. americans and u.s. ambassador getting killed rippled in a committee. that deserves answers. >> tucker: do you believe
4:49 am
regulation could you personnel including the seals could have gotten to benghazi in time to save those lives. >> let me tell you something, everywhere in the world there are deployable forces that are ready to go in extremists short leash time line they are ready to go. we have the deploibleg forces anywhere in the world. certainly folks in the area in europe that could have made it there. quite frankly, this was an attack on american sovereignty. on american soil. you have to send people in there it's irresponsible not to. i know that secretary panetta said we don't send people in without knowing and having a plan. that makes sense and there is some merit to that. however, the very definition of an extremist force you get in there and help fellow americans. >> tucker: this tragedy becomes even more depressing the more you learn. scott thank you for scbloing us we appreciate it? >> thank you for having me. >> exhausting being a killed. this guy couldn't keep
4:50 am
chicken nuggets. one got stuck. got a thousand dollars. that's how much a mint julip can cost you at the kentucky derby. >> it's all for charity this silver one. what else goes into it that you can drink like you are sitting in millionaire's row. oh yeah, talk derby to me, baby. we'll be right back. let's see what you got. rv -- covered. why would you pay for a hotel? i never do. motorcycles -- check. atv. i ride those. do you? no. boat. house. hello, dear. hello. hello. oh! check it -- [ loud r&b on car radio ]
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i'm going on break! the more you bundle, the more you save. now, that's progressive.
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4:54 am
>> alisyn: what character are you channeling now. >> tucker: drug lord? >> tucker: i'm not ashamed. we are celebrating the kentucky derby. >> alisyn: it means mint julips. our own anna kooiman is live at churchill downs. >> we will get to the $1,000 mintd julip 6:24 tonight. the rain has held out so far. that's not what meteorologists are saying for later today. some are calling it a day for the ducks. a mudder or even raw. we are crossing our fingers that doesn't happen. 160,000 people packing into churchill downs. you know, wearing their hats and seersucker and all of that orb is favored this morning. joined now by america's teacher. good morning to you. >> good morning, anna.
4:55 am
i always love when you come to derby and visit us. and this time i want you to make you a very special mint july lip: it all goes to charity. i want to make sure we get that in there every mint julip at the derby doesn't cost a thousand dollars. >> a nice charity called old friends that take care of thorough bread horses. starts out with kentucky soregum. sweetner that has mint. we crush up kentucky mint leaves right there. >> check this out there are gold flecks on there. >> garnishes that gold nice dusd mint leaf. and into that, of course, we have got to have bourbon. >> good stuff. >> official bourbon of churchill downs. bourbon forward drink if you are paying a couple thousands dollars you want a few ounces in there. >> this ice is extra special as well. >> actually, this ice is made from nova scotia filtered through gold.
4:56 am
>> who would know? >> even a gold sipping straw. even the gold sipping straw is gold. garnished with a gold mint leaf that goes right in there. >> all bourbon all the time here. >> there it is $1,000. >> he is talking derby to me baby. >> talking derby. because with that i have got a little desert. these are pecan bars. taken chocolate syrup and added bourbon to it bourbon and chocolate go wonderful together. how good does that look? awesome. >> you got to add. that's something that everybody can do at their derby parties, too clayton, alisyn and tucker. >> alisyn: i know you are talking back to us because you want to eat now. i see where you are coming. thanks, anna. check back with you a little bit later. coming up here on a show should a 15-year-old be allowed to get the morning after pill without permission? president obama saying is he comfortable with it we will ask governor mike huckabee what he thinks about this at the top of the hour.
4:57 am
>> most exciting city has just been named. here is a hint. not new york city coming up. >> send in your guesses. ♪ ♪
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
>> alisyn: good morning, everyone. today is saturday, may 4th. i'm alisyn camerota. we are happy you are with us. an extreme weather alert. homes engulfed by flames in second. this while thousands of people are forced to flee. others are refusing to go. we have the latest on the wildfire for you next. >> amazing pictures. the media stayed silent on the benghazi terror attack. now they are down playing the boston bomber's connection to a muslim student group. surprised? you shouldn't be. but why can't they just report the fax? governor mike huckabee joins us next. >> clayton: apparently being a little kid is so exhausting like this little guy. can't even keep his eyes open to eat his chicken nugget dinner?
5:01 am
what kid doesn't like chicken nuggets? what had him so tired? [ laughter ] oh, governor huckabee is losing it over there too. "fox & friends" hour three starts right now. >> welcome, those of how stayed with us for the previous two hours. >> clayton: where is the most craziest place you ever fell to sleep? >> alisyn: found up on a subway in madrid backpacking let's go backpacking tour. i was so tired going from country to country i was standing on a train sleeping can you top it. >> tucker: i fell asleep very recently interviewing somebody for a job. he knew and i knew and we both pretended it didn't happen. truly shameful. you sweep it right under the rug.
5:02 am
>> clayton: shook his hands and walked away. did i not hire him. >> clayton: my daughter falls asleep sitting up in her crib with a chicken nugget perhaps. >> tucker: massive wildfire in southern california scorching 43 square miles in less than 48 hours. the flames are only 28% contained at this hour. shifting winds making it difficult to get a handle on them. some people like this guy refuse to leave. take a look at that remarkable. will firemen get any relief today? janice dean live in the extreme weather center with that first alert forecast. janice? >> yes, good news for the firefighters and residents that live in that beautiful neighborhood-million-dollar homes. the winds have of shifted. can you see that on the satellite radar industry. see the winds that are shifting the cloud cover and the smoke. if you can see it so we had offshore flow yesterday, winds 40 miles per hour and now we have got an or shore flow. that's bringing the temperatures down and the humidity up. excellent news for
5:03 am
firefighters. temperatures 61 degrees. winds are light out of the southeast. and the humidity is up. so this is the news they need to hear. the temperatures are going down. again, because we have that on shore flow bringing all of that pacific moisture in. we actually even have some rain in the first alert forecast for monday. so, this fire just really exploded within just a matter of hours. three times the size in just a matter of hours. the good news is the weather is going to help those firefighters which is great news. and we'll continue to bring you the very latest from the fox extreme weather center. tucker, clayton, alli, back to you. >> new developments this morning in the boston marathon bombing. we now know how the suspect tamerlan tsarnaev died. you'll remember there was a debate whether he was shot or run over. we also know more about that female d.n.a. that was found on one of the bombs. peter doocy is live in boston with the latest. hi, peter. >> hi, alisyn. the center of attention right now in the investigation is the dead bombing suspect's tamerlan tsarnaev's widow catherine
5:04 am
russell who authorities now say spoke to him on the phone at some point while he was on the run and sent him an email with an attachment and we're told that there is a possibility that attached file may have been the fbi's wanted poster of tamerlan tsarnaev. with that said, sources close to catherine russell telling us she is assisting authorities in their investigation. an investigation which is also revealed that al qaeda's web magazine inspire was on some of the computer's reviewed by the fbi. we just don't know whose computers. we could know that tamerlan tsarnaev's cause of death was gunshot wounds to the torso and extreatments along with blunt for the tawm. head and torso. they don't want him. they have refused the funeral home worcester massachusetts. disgusted there is a terrorist being kept in their community. funeral director session is he just doing his job and everyone deserved
5:05 am
distinguished of burial. with the exception of funeral director there is a loft anger in this state about where tamerlan tsarnaev's body will end up. i have got to say that here, a block away from the finish line in copley square it's a totally different story. somber all the time even when there are really big crowds, i have got to say really quickly, at the memorial behind me, the most stark thing, the most touching thing more than all the pictures and the prayers and the shirts that have been left behind are the shoes. there are many dozens, baby even hub drez of pairs of sneakers that have been left behind which is very unusual, something unexpected to see at a memorial service. really harsh reminder that the bombs that went off here were not on the battlefield. they were on boylston street in boston on what was supposed to be a he very happy day. back to you in new york. >> that is intense. obviously of course because of the runners and because some people did lose limbs. that is really touching, thanks. >> let's bring in governor mike huckabee to talk about some the new details that we're learning about this
5:06 am
case. governor nice sty morning. >> good morning. >> among the details we are learning is the connection that the younger brother dzhokhar tsarnaev had to a muslim student group. that we now are learning had close ties to the muslim brotherhood. but it seems that the news media has been down playing this connection as if that is just simply an aside. something that he was experimenting with in college. really does not point to any sort of larger radical agenda with this kid. >> it's part of a greater pattern that we have seen with the creation whether it was fort hood which is still officially classified as work place violence even though the shooter major nidal hasan stood up and yelled ala akbar as he started firing shots at military it was the narrative they gave in little rock when a radicalized young man from memphis carlos bledsoe so who he ho became mohammed akim told everyone he had did it because he had been radicalized. an act of jihad. never been given any indication that really was
5:07 am
terrorism. even though everybody except the administration understands. >> this one the administration came out and said it was terrorism. >> how could they not? they still do not want to come out and say we have a serious threat because of radicalized islam. not all muslims are terrorists, for lesson's sakes. no one that i know of suggests that. it's just -- it's dishonest and disingenuous for us to continue to say right after the bombing this is probably the work of some right wing antitax, antigovernment person when no one knew. never like on air apology from people who made those ridiculous speculations. that's why i think that it is very important that americans understand we do have a threat that threat is jihad. it is not about what we have done to them. that's nonsense. it is a fundamental part of their doctrine to believe that we're all infidels and that we must die. it's that simple. >> tucker: liberals tend to take a hard line. christmas tree outside city
5:08 am
hall theocracy is on the way. >> absolutely. >> tucker: intentionally ignoring the religious connotation of these attacks. where is the sensitivity coming from. >> christians who are still holding to old fashioned traditions about marriage, for example, are cast as bigoted homophobes. now, what the position in islam regarding homosexuality not same sex marriage but homosexuality. death death by stoning. i don't understand you have these very, harsh radical carried out kind of zaniness going on honor killing. >> the first people to be executed would be liberals. i don't understand why they don't perceive the threat to themselves. >> there is no rationale for the way in which the left basically treats islam in the public square. it just doesn't make any sense. >> is this political correctness then? we don't want to hurt their
5:09 am
sensibilities? we don't want to touch a nerve? >> seems to be. in fact, remember, when benghazi thing happened, it was all because of this little clip from a youtube video that was ridiculous. and, obviously it wasn't. we knew it wasn't from the beginning. but that was a narrative to say oh o, we can't offend the sensitivity of muslims. i'm a christian. my sensitivities are offended every single day i don't kill somebody over it i have never thought about it.ling somebody because of >> alisyn: want to transition to something close to your heart you gave the eulogy at george jones funeral it was a star studded event. tell us what you said. >> one of the things i wanted to point out is that george jones sang for us not just to us. he was often called the voice of country music but also the voice of the common man. george jones was not cavier and cabernet. he was cornbread and catfish. he sang for all those people out there who knew they would never be in the spotlight, never be on the stage. but the millions of fans who adore him knew that he
5:10 am
had lived where they lived. he had walked where they had wawblegd and he understood the pain and trials and he sack them with his heart. there willner be another voice quite like george jones. many will emulate him but never be one like him. country music, the authenticity of it is in part because, taking a look at other genres of music, the blues is the music of what we were. gospel is the music of what we will will be. country is the music of what we are. >> and people relate to it in a very powerful way. it was an amazing service. a great tribute and it was almost like the cmt -- or the cma awards, every country artist. writer, producer, it was just truly amazing. >> here is a few people. laura bush was there. charlie damages. >> laura bush sang one of the greatest country songs. she did a patsy klein tune. not. i did get your total attention with that. >> tucker: how was charlie
5:11 am
damages? >> he is one the greatest human beings ever. >> i have always thought that is he just the greatest person. he loves america. he is a man of great faith. but he is one of the kindest, most decent human beings ever to be around. i love the man. all these people are. >> i set next to brad paisley, kid rock behind me. barbara mandrell over to my right. >> holly smokes. >> amy grant over to my left it was amazing thick. there were the oak ridge boys and tanya tucker behind me and over to kid rock's right. truly an amazing array. but all of us had this one common thing. by the way, i'm not there because of anything other than i was representing fans. i grew up loving his music and grew up actually playing in some bands when i was in junior high and high school that thought they were playing george jones. bush butchered some george jones songs along the way. it was such an honor just
5:12 am
to be a part. here is the kind of service that you would only see for a president or a king or a prime minister and in many ways it was a fitting tribute to a person who had lived through some very tough times but, you know what? he finished well. and this is the beauty of his life is that sometimes people start wonderfully and they finish poorly. here was a man who had really, really tough bumps in the road. but he told us all that it's okay when you finish well and he did. >> beautiful. >> clayton: and when you have a lovely wife too behind him. >> he is delightful. >> tucker: we'll be right back with this. president obama says he is comfortable with girls as young as 15 getting the morning after pill without the permission of their parents. when is young too young? >> apparently being a little kid is so exhausting this little guy can't even keep his eyes open to finish his mcnuggets. what had him so tired?
5:13 am
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5:16 am
>> tucker: fda is low rg the plan b contraception foil 15 without parental permission. what does president obama have to say about this? >> that's the fda's decision to make. that's secretary sebelius' decision to review. but i'm very comfortable with the decision they have made right now based on solid scientific evidence for girls 15 and older. >> clayton: we are back with governor mike huckabee. this is fascinating. he has come up with a scientific approach to this. we have heard stories,
5:17 am
reported on stories on the show where girls as young as 9 getting pregnant. what scientific basis. what arbitrary basis can they go to pick 15? and he, the president, the obama administration said they were not going to play politics with science and that your healthcare. and this is exactly what many of the left actually angry about this just as the right angry about this. >> you know, saying this is scientific. okay. well, then, if this is scientific if 15-year-olds are mature enough to go self-prescribe a medication likes plan b one step. then it must be that science would also dictate that they are mature enough to join the military, buy alcohol, tobacco, get married, sign contracts, and go rent an apartment. i mean, come on. there is reason that we have a sense of majority age. because we recognize that people who are 15, whether they're male or female but especially if they are male. but even female have not fully developed. their judgment hasn't fully developed. if their judgment is not strong enough to have decided about whether to have sex when they are 15 years old, do we really
5:18 am
think that they have suddenly a burst of maturity when they go to the pharmacy and say i would like one of those pills? do we know that they will just take one? do they think they will take two? will they get give it to an 11-year-old? my gosh? what happened to our common sense here. it just is amazing to me. >> alisyn: is this preferable to unwanted pregnancy or abortion. >> that's not the question. the question is whether or not we ought to help kids to understand there are consequences to their actions. i think what we do by always putting this sort of artificial safety net, we become co-dependent dents of people's promiscuous behavior. we become enables. we tell them do whatever you want to do. there is always something that will come in and rescue you and keep you from the cobs sequences. and no unwanted pregnancies are not a good thing. abortions are a horrible, who horrid thing. this is not an answer. teaching kids there is a right and there is a wrong.
5:19 am
and that there are consequences for action. and if they see that there are consequences with their friends for inaction. i think that's a more powerful message than sneak over to the drugstore. think about. this a parent has to give written permission for a child to get an aspirin at school but the same kid can go to the drugstore and get this drug? do we know what the long-term effects are? how will it effect her when she is 35? no, we don't. i'm just telling you this is mess. >> tucker: no aspirin lobby. there is a lobby on behalf of this. i'm confused by cutting out parents. i believe the f.d.a. has studied the physical effects of this. i do think this seems likened run around parental authority. their argument lots of parents are bad and be mean to their kids. truth is most parents are not bad they will be good. they want to be involved in their kid's lives. why aren't they saying something about the federal government again allowing kids to go around them? >> at some point we have to
5:20 am
decide do mothers and fathers governments make the best parents? let the government raise our kids from the cradle all the way get out of climatological college and beyond be done with it. >> there is a reason in god's great plan, a mother and a father come together, they create the next generation and then they train that generation to become our replacements. that was never intended to be a role that the government would play but increasingly that's the role that the government is playing. and i think that the long-term consequences are absolutely disastrous. >> government can't fix a pothole let alone raising our family. what's coming up on your show tonight. >> talk about benghazi with senator lindsey graham. we also will be talking about some of the real challenges that we are facing right now in getting truth out of this government. because, let's face it, we are not getting a lot of truth. and i think senator graham is going to give us some interesting previews of what is about to happen when the hearings start this week. governor huckabee? >> alisyn: we will be watching. >> yahoo's ceo maher only
5:21 am
took two weeks of maternity leave when she had her baby. now she wants to give her employees 16 weeks off. she is in the headlines like every three weeks. ♪ no matter when, no matter where ♪ ♪ marathon will take you there [ dennis ] allstate wants everyone to be protected on the road. whether you're an allstate customer or not. all you have to do is call. [ female announcer ] call and sign up for good hands roadside assistance today. [ dennis ] are you in good hands? for good hands roadside assistance today. theengineered with aeel-drive unique drive system
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5:24 am
maternity leave for her employees for 18 weeks to 16 weeks for new moms and 8 weeks for new dads. is it a good idea for too much? we are joined by cindy the founder and chief business officer of completely bare spas and beauty products and susan patton, you will
5:25 am
remember her human resource professional and the princeton mom who wrote the provocative article about finding a husband. 18 weeks of maternity leave. can any of us disagree with that? is that a good thing. >> a great thing for the company to give a woman enough time to actually get herself together and to make sure that the baby is sleeping through the night and she has the right care and then you can go back to the office and be productive. >> alisyn: any problem with it, susan? >> not that i have a problem with it so clear to me this was not about doing what's best for the women working at yahoo. instead attempt to resurrect yahoo and maher telecommuting option. most can't manage work without telecommuting option. if she felt it was fair and reasonable, that's what she should have offered when marissa started at yahoo. this is very much, i think, a pr move and not an h.r. move trying to resuscitate
5:26 am
marissa maher and yahoo's image. >> can i say something to that? first of all increased the stock up to 60% since she has been there. i don't think she has time for a pr move. now she is only being competitive right now with facebook. google, they all offer that. so it's really just kind of being competitive. i don't think it has anything to do with her image. that's not what she is about. she just increased the stock 60%. >> some people have made the argument if this if only she were to allow telecommuting and working for whom whom for moms or any kind of parents then you wouldn't necessarily need 16 weeks off. it would be more helpful, frankly, for parents if you could work from home as your children even get older. >> exactly. what i understand from the reports i have made and the "l.a. times" and elsewhere that she did this very specifically to weed out underproductive employees. >> well, telecommuting portion. >> eliminated telecommuting to weed out under productive. if you have underperforming employees have to weed them out. let go of employees that
5:27 am
aren't performing. to eliminate telecommuting under the guise of eliminating under productive employees is hurting a huge group of women who otherwise really couldn't work if they are not afforded that flexible option. >> whole thing with working from tell muting i'm at home and telling my kids to go away, go away i'm working that's not productive. even at my house i have a place i go downstairs to a different office. and that's working from home. okay? >> i work from home, too. but it is harder. >> alisyn: i understand it's hard to work from home. >> it is. not everybody has the discipline to work from home. but i think that there are many functions be performed not only but even probably better from home without the distraction of the office. will a al leads ladies we have to leave it there. more to say. we would love to hear your thoughts on it find me at twitter at alisyn camerota. great to he so you guys. >> thank you. >> so much more.
5:28 am
>> they there always are. here is what is coming up. her family thought that she was dead. when she disappeared 11 years ago. but now the run away mom is back and listen to this. her husband could be forced to pay back thousands of dollars. how does that work? is being a little kid so exhausting it's hard to stay awake even to eat your dinner. why this little guy couldn't keep his eyes open. anna kooiman is live at churchill downs. hey, anna. >> hey there, alli. how do these horses get ready for the fastest two minutes in sports? i will take you behind the scenes at the stables and talk to trainers coming up. [ male announcer ] with free package pickup
5:29 am
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5:32 am
>> oh it's derby day you can tell from the head ware our own anna kooiman got a first look behind the scenes of the big race hanna? >> anna, hannah montana? >> it was. anna in the hat. i'm sorry. >> i answer to anything. i answer to anything. normally what the media shows you at the kentucky derby is all the pomp and circumstance, the celebrities. the high fashion. and the fantastic food. i wanted to get dirty and take you behind the scenes at the stables and talk to some trainers about how
5:33 am
these horses prepare it to go around one and quarter mile track. take a look. >> i'm not very good at this. kelsey deigner a trainer here at churchill downs put me to work tour of the stables. have i done enough. >> yes, have you done enough. >> i'm leaving that right there. [horse neighing. >> five pounds of pepper mints per week. >> how much feed. >> several quowrts a day. you put green jelly on his leg. >> is that a lot or a little. >> that's good. just rub it. >> what's this for, exactly? >> it just comforts him. after exercise, the knees and ankles will sometimes carry some heat. >> okay. >> and the purpose of these bandages, one thing is just so that they don't beat themselves up in the stall. is that because they get nervous? >> they get nervous.
5:34 am
they are kind of high strung. they will jump around a little bit in the afternoon. >> i guesses specially on days like derby day. >> he is especiallily on days like. this how are you feeling? >> is he shaking his head. that's a good sign. >> i remember last year it was my first time being at the race. and he seeing the horses, they are wed. what is that? >> sweat, mostly. mostly the wet. they get very hot. fastest two minutes in racing. it heats them up. >> you are going too fast. pull back a little harder. he points to stop for a break. >> push your hand over. mess with 1,000-pound animal if he wanted to eat because he was hungry i'm not going to stop him. put my left foot in here? >> yeah. >> hang on to the horn. >> there we go. going to pick up your reigns. this is fun.
5:35 am
perfect 10. there you go. [ laughter ] so, they were also telling me that it's the noise of all the crowds that really gets these horses really jittery. they have been trying to work out some of those jitters. saw them stretching their legs and getting a good run in track churchill downs. the tractors have probably come a million times. we wait on the rain because it is first alert forecast, you know, that could really change how people decide to place their bets, too. is this going to be a faster track or slower track? right now though, who is favored? mr. ord, just simple three letters. >> people are betting they are very serious about their money this morning. do you think their bets could be swead by knowing whose horses foot you rubbed and will that give that horse a leg up in the race? >> a leg up. >> yes. absolutely. why not? who would not want to be touched by somebody like me
5:36 am
he? >> i didn't even know how to get on the horse. >> alisyn: i asked the question this morning and i'm sure twitter will light about that. >> we are going to be making some making some amazing food coming up in the next hour. teach you how to eat like a v.i.p. >> i'm not sure you can beat the last segment but i look forward to he seeing it. >> clayton: that horse is going to win by 10 lengths. >> who do we look like this time? the hat completely changes the look. you, clayton, if we could get -- look like woody from toy story. >> there is a snake in my boot. i do feel like in this. >> alisyn: you look like a total huckster. >> tucker: none of these hats fit me. my head is too big. >> alisyn: look like part music man and part snake oil salesman. >> want to buy a watch.
5:37 am
>> clayton: tickets to a race. step right up. >> alisyn: comment on that as well. go out to janice dean and see what kind of lid she has on. >> i forgot to bring my hat. >> the wind blew it off. >> next segment i promise i a nice big brimmed hat just for kentucky derby. speaking of which, i know that anna mentioned the fact that the rain is in the first alert forecast. i think it's going to rain. i think it's going to be a mudder. so, vote on the horse that you think does well in the mud because it's going to be cloudy, it's going to be cool. and it's going to be rainy across churchill downs. now, we have some new pictures coming in from ventura county. we have been covering this wildfire story when really started yesterday. we had incredibly high temperatures. wind gusts in excess of 40 miles per hour. this fire just blew up three times the size in just a matter of hours. they have beautiful homes in this area. rich people live in this area. so we're talking about-million-dollar homes. smoke in the area. not great for folks who
5:38 am
have respiratory problems. temperatures are going to go down and we have an on shore flow now as opposed to an offshore flow. what that means is moisture is going to come in from the pacific. the temperatures are going to drop and the humidity levels are going to go up. that is excellent news for firefighters. i mean, this fire just raged for hours yesterday. it was our top story and will continue to be our top story throughout the day today. the good news is i do believe firefighters will have this fire contained if the weather continues to be this way over the next couple of days. there is a look at your satellite and radar imagery. look at the mess across the central u.s. where we had record breaking snow, snow in may. folks in arkansas have never seen snow in may before. and it happened. look at some of these city snow storm totals. 14 inches for rochester minnesota. over nine inches for parts of wisconsin and iowa and nebraska over three inches. a trace tulsa, oklahoma. again, that is a record for
5:39 am
may snow. look at these temperatures. it is still cold. 34 in mapes. 37 in kansas city. 44 in dallas. again, churchill downs dealing with temperatures in the 50s. it's going to be a very rainy first alert forecast. the wide brim hats will help them out there not only for the sun but for the rain as well. i just want to make note that here in new york city,beautiful first alert forecast all weekend long. we are enjoying the east coast weather. back to you. >> good to know. >> thanks so much. get to your head lines and tell you what's happening at this hour. overnight the bodies of two american crew members that crashed u.s. military plane has been found. this is according to an official in dirg stan where the plane went down. this is yesterday during a refueling mission. this morning, the search for a third crew member continues. the back half of the plane was found destroyed. the front half is still missing. there is still no word on what caused this crash. the woman who reappeared earlier this week after leaving her family back in 2002 to become a homeless
5:40 am
hitchhiker. she may end up costing her family even more heartache. you see, her husband had her declared legally dead nearly four years ago. he was then allowed to collect $100,000 on her life insurance policy. but now that she is actually alive, he may have to pay all of that back plus interest. meanwhile forget new york or los angeles, oakland, california is the most exciting city in america. this is according to the real estate blowing movoto that is not based on any opinion, just your fact. oakland did best on population density. its museums per square mile and its hip theater scene. okay. there you go. can you tell us about the loch ness monster update. >> clayton: i would be thrilled to i know you come to my me for all your pair na are a normal needs and you have plenty. >> clayton: forget the loch ness monster.
5:41 am
ireland. you be the judge. what is this? >> what is this? >> see it? >> for scale, you see it next to that small fishing boat there the thing looks enormous. students say they were filming a project when the massive creature swam between their boats. see it there surfacing again. >> this camera work is not very satisfying. >> some critics doubt the video is real. they are out there filming conveniently filming for a project. and the camera is shaky. kind of like blare witch project. >> all right. meanwhile, thank you, clayton. check this out. sometimes you can't keep your eyes open even while eating. fly flying to mexico zach tries hard to eat the chicken nugget. giving it the old college try there he dozens off. he does manage to get a bite of his delicious dinner but in the end sleep gets the best of him.
5:42 am
his mom and dad posted video online and now it's an internet hit. >> you don't wake a sleeping baby. even with a piece of meat hanging out of his mouth. >> that looks like a choking hazard. >> air bag. >> alisyn: he can't even find his mouth, first. wow. that is fantastic. >> shocking story, a teenager punches a referee so hard that ref is fighting for life in coma. does the ref's attorney have any reexowrs in this tragedy? >> alisyn: you may think the kitchen is clean. did you know germs can live on your counter for 18 hours. we're showing you how to really scrub your kitchen next. i had enough of feeling embarrassed about my skin. [ designer ] enough of just covering up my moderate to severe plaque psoriasis.
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5:46 am
>> clayton: well a soccer referee remains in a coma after being punched in the face by a 17-year-old player during a card given a yellow card during the game now the referee's family wants justice. >> he spends time -- forever. it's not enough. they are not going to bring my daddy back. but i just don't want to get out and do it again. i don't want him to hurt on other people and i don't want another family to go through the same thing as we are right now. and for me, i want him in jail forever. >> alisyn: what legal ram if i o. myifications does the player face? john jona. soccer becoming this violent the 17-year-old punched the father in the head and is he in a coma. they don't know if he will come out of it or survive. it's attempted murder or assault. >> not right now. right now they are charging him with aggravated assault.
5:47 am
oddly in the state of utah if you are 16 or 17 and this punk, i will call him a punk that's what he is. 16 or 17 and you commit a serious crime like that, you will -- you have to really prove that you don't deserve to be in adult court. in other words, they are going to start on juvenile court. there is a very good likelihood they will bounce this kid up. if this father dies and let's hope that he doesn't. if he dies, getting bounced up to adult court is automatic. he won't even be able to plead that he should stay in juvenile court. >> legally though this is what is fascinating to me. i didn't realize when you put on a refuse's uniform that you are assuming a certain level of risk. explain what that means. >> when people get injured at sporting events, there is a notion called assumption of the risk, which will prevent you from being compensated if you get hurt in the normal course of the sport. for example. this ref might expect to get kicked in the face during the normal course of play. what he is not going to expect and the risk is he not assuming is getting punched in the face by a
5:48 am
punk because the kid doesn't like the call. that's house of assumption of the risk. this ref and his family could sue the kid's family for wrongful death or for his injuries depending on what happens. >> this is not the first time this rev has been -- ref has been hurt. stop refereeing. this is soccer. not hockey. he loved it. this was his passion he went back for more never imagine he would be punched in the head because somebody would get that angry about a call. >> exactly. the other side of this argument, however, if i'm representing the kid, the kid's argument is going to be wait a minute, punching somebody in the face should not lead to a coma. punching somebody in the face should not lead to death. so there is definitely arguments on both sides of this. but, the referee is not going to be held accountable because he previously got hurt. he loved it like you said. this was his sport. this is what he loved to do. he could get kicked in the faces a many times as he want. it's not going to change the outcome of this case.
5:49 am
>> the defense attorney in this case on behalf of the kid, the punk, what what would they argue in this? this ref has a issue of issuing calls and angering? >> i don't think that argument will fly for the kid. the better argument would be listen, it was not foreseeable that a punch in the face for whatever reason was going to result in this level of injury because a coma that he may never come out of and/or death because they are not sure if this ref is ever going to come out of. not sure if he is going to live. one punch in a face. if you get into a first fist a cuff. hockey dad did that with a coach. that was a fight where it could have stopped in the middle and he didn't. he went to prison for 8 years al i remember that one. jonna thanks for coming in here. >> clayton: you may think your kitchen is clean. did you know germs can live on your counters for 18 hours? we will show you how to
5:50 am
clean your kitchen next. >> alisyn: tucker is getting good tips. ♪ ♪ hey everybody, hi mom... streaming live with a tour of my new place... knowing you can still reach out. ... and now you've seen it. that's powerful. verizon. get mom a lucid 2 by lg for free.
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5:53 am
>> tucker: welcome back. the cdc says one in six americans get sick after being exposed to a bug in their own kitchen. these germs can live as long as 18 hours on some surfaces. here with tips to keep you and your family safe editor at large shape magazine and very knowledgeable about cleanliness. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: the kitchen it sounds like is potentially a threat to your health. >> absolutely. we spend a lot of time in our kitchen. we do a lot of different things, dealing with poultry, with kids, with germs, really important to
5:54 am
keep the space very very clean. >> tucker: where with the filth centers in the kitchen. >> big filth center is sponge. moist envirnlment really warm at love the time. make sure you are replacing sponge a couple of times a month? >> tucker: a month come on now. >> i recommend that you throw this into a small full of water and put it into the microwave for about 45 seconds that's going to zap a lot of the bacteria. that's very very important. >> how do i clean the sink? you say it's filthy. >> the sink is full of germs. think of everything that you do. washing your veggies, your paltry, your hand, once a week you are going to clean the sink i'm talking about the basin, the handle, the actual drain itself. and the best way to do this is with a very mild bleach formula. so you take a shot glass full of bleerch add it to half a quarter of borrow ter that's it. rub the sink itself. once a week especially after you are dealing with something like poultry or fish or raw meat.
5:55 am
>> tucker: hazmat suit or no. >> no. can you use gloves if you want but regular hands will do the trick. >> tucker: counter? >> counter spaces are disgusting depending on what you are doing. make sure you don't allow the pets on there. purse on there. >> no dogs. >> cats have been known to climb on counters. so make sure that before and after you're cooking you wash it with an antibacterial cleanser. this is really really important. a lot of times you are intriewsing e.coli and salmonella into your space. that's what causing a lot of those dangerous. >> refrigerator is dirtier than you think it. >> the refrigerator can be dirty. really the main thing you want to know is you have got to keep it cool. it must be 40-degrees fahrenheit or cooler as food issues become issue. milk and eggs should not be on the side of your fridge. put them in the center of your fridge. because study test found that because we open and close the door so much,
5:56 am
sometimes the actual milk and the eggs don't stay as cool as they need to. >> tucker: what do you have there? >> here i have some fish. and the point here is you want to make sure that you are not cross contaminating your different types of food. always wrap it in a nice little container like this. and then in terms of your leftovers. leftovers are great. you want to make sure that you are storing them in air tight container. always put labels on there. this is going to tell you exactly when you prepared it and that way you know. >> tucker: going by smell is not good enough. >> dates are important. >> dates are better than smell. finally the dishwasher. >> great convenience but 62% of dishwashers actually have some sort of fungus in them. once a month you want to make sure that you are completing the inside of the dishwasher. use that handy little bleach formula that he talked about and really focus on rubber casing that's on the door. >> tucker: you are catching a war zone not a sanctuary. that was terrifying but useful. well, he made headlines for his tweet about obama care
5:57 am
and plan b. congressman steve stockman defends himself on "fox & friends." he's coming up. the most amazing is how like us these chimpanzees are. [ laughing ] [ woman ] can you hear me? and you hear your voice? oh, it's exciting! [ man ] touchdown confirmed. we're safe on mars. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ hi. [ baby fussing ] ♪
5:58 am
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6:00 am
good morning, everyone. today is saturday may 4th. i'm alisyn camerota. amazing pictures out of california to show you where more than 40 square miles are up in flames. crews are working to save homes and evacuate residentses. you can see one stuck on his roof. we have the latest on the situation straight ahead. and all the drugs and violence in mexico, they're your fault. the strong allegations by president obama. we'll lay them out for you and see if you agree. and sparks flying, literally, as this couple says i do. take a look. the photographer trying to run away. is it a good 0 men for their future? we report, you decide. "fox & friends" hour 4 starts right now. [ music ]
6:01 am
>> welcome to "fox & friends" on this saturday morning. thank you so much for waking up with us. tucker carlson back from a hiking trip in 10 below zero weather. >> were you hiking or camping? >> appalachian trail. >> just kidding. thank you, senator, congressman. >> we want to get right to this. there's an extreme weather alert. we were talking about pictures in california. this is new video where firefighters hope to get an upper hand on this fast-moving wildfire. today is cooler and calmer with that ocean air beginning to move on shore. >> but the fire has already burned 43 square miles in less than 48 hours. firefighters estimate that the flames are at this point this morning only 20% contained. >> janice dean live in the extreme weather center. when i lived in la, i heard all about the on shore flow and what it could mean for the fires. what does it mean today?
6:02 am
>> on shore flow is going to happen. yesterday when the fires just erupted three times their size in just a matter of hours, we had an offshore flow. we had high pressure dominating the west and those clockwise winds moving offshore, so that goes through canyons and valleys and dries the air out, warms things up and bring those very gusty winds. the other pro problem is we're o a moderate to severe drought across california. the west is just parched, so that's another thing, another concern. typically fire season starts in the fall, but we've got an early start on this because they didn't get the snow pack that they typically need across the sierra nevada mountains. all that snow pack melts and gets into the ground and it helps the firefighters when wildfire season starts. those live piction that come in from venue tur ra county, we'll keep you up to date. the good news as clayton mentioned, they have an onshore flow. that means the winds have shifted and now they're moving onshore. that's going to bring the
6:03 am
temperatures down, and the relative humidity will go up. excellent news for firefighters, and this is going to be ongoing throughout the day today and into tomorrow. we actually could even see rain in the forecast on monday, all good news for firefighters. i do believe they're going to have this one contained within the next day or so. back to you. >> wow. thanks, janice. good news there. well, new developments this morning in the boston marathon bombing case. the official cause of death for tamerlan tsarnaev and more about the female dna found on one of the bombs. peter doocy is live in boston for us with the latest on this story. peter, what do you now? >> reporter: tucker, we know that tamerlan tsarnaev died violently, just like his victims. that's according to the funeral director who tells us that the immediate causes of death were gun shot wounds to the torso an extremities as well as blunt trauma to the head and torso, and every cemetery in massachusetts has so far denied the funeral home in worcester,
6:04 am
massachusetts, about an hour here permission to bury the suspected marathon bomber. the funeral director saideserver burial. he said he's ready for protests which actually started with many, many middle fingers and a lot of profanity on that funeral home's front lawn. these folks out in worcester do not want a terrorist in their neighborhood, dead or alive. >> when you say help to bury, why would you help to bury a terrorist? i'm helping to bury a body that has to be buried. i bury people here that were murderers. >> reporter: tamerlan tsarnaev's widow, kathryn russell, is assisting investigators according to sources, but she apparently spoke to her fugitive husband on the phone after the marathon bombing and sent him an e-mail with with an attachment which may have contained the fbi's wanted poster con taping her husband's picture. now, something else found on a
6:05 am
computer in this investigation, al-qaeda's magazine inspire. we don't know if that was russell's computer or one of the tsarnaev brothers. we know that yesterday investigators returned to the area around umass dartmouth where the younger bombing suspect, dzhokhar tsarnaev, was enrolled. we're told they were looking for bomb 7 test sites. how scary is that? we don't know what they found, if anything. back to you in new york. >> thanks, peters. we have a fox news alert for you now. here's some brand new video of syrian president assad who made a rare public appearance in the capitol of damascus. he joined thousands of students anand families unveiling a stat. it's his second appearance this week. he's stayed out of the public eye since a civil war started two years ago. the fbi is helping to investigate the death of a prominent pennsylvania doctor from cyanide poisoning.
6:06 am
police searched the home of autumn klein. officials say they're gathering information from two hospitals where she and her husband worked. she died last month after collapsing in her home. police will only say that her death is being investigated as both a suicide and a homicide. well, a new move to keep our country's borders safe. u.s. border patrol agents are adding more super trucks to keep out illegal immigrants. the trucks which are made by ford are equipped with video cameras, night vision scanners and senators to increase border security as congress intensifies immigration reform discussions. talk about sparks flying. a couple's wedding gets a shocking interruption. >> it's not happenstance that brian and holly have -- >> it's a heart stopping rumble of thunder and lightning strike. it left the couple and their guests a little on edge.
6:07 am
after a few moments, they picked up where they left off. there you go. >> it looks like the photographer was trying to run away. they want their money back for part of photos missed, and we have video. >> it turns out that the chaos and violence, the tens of thousands of drug murders, for example, in mention, are our fault. they're america's fault. how do we know this? the president of the united states explained it just the other day in mexico. >> this comes on the heels of the election, of course, where mitt romney reminded voters on a regular basis a that president obama when he went overseas would go on a bit of an apology tour for the err of america's ways. he's done it again in mexico this morning where he is talking about the violence down there and the guns that are used to kill individuals in mexico. he points directly to the united states and blames us for allowing those guns to cross the border, but fails to make any mention, of course, about the
6:08 am
fast and furious scandal which unfolded under president obama's watch where thousands of guns were intentionally given to drug cartels and drug lords that ended up killing americans. >> they were supposed to be tracked, but of course, those 1700 guns that were given were not tracked. now hundreds of those gunnings have -- guns have ended up at the scenes of homicide. the president is on a three-day tour, speaking mostly to high school and college students in mexico. take a listen and see if you think it sounds like an apology. >> the united states we recognize our responsibilities. we understand that much of the root cause of violence that's been happening here in mexico for which so many mexicans have suffered is the demand for illegal drugs in the united states. we also recognize that motives the guns used to commit violence here in mexico come from the united states. >> he may be accurate that the majority of the guns do come from the united states. thathat's factually accurate according to the department of justice, but the idea that the
6:09 am
mexican government is so virtual witvirtouus, one of the most corrupt governments in the world. if you're on the drug cartel's payroll and you happen to be a police officer and then a drug cartel comes in, another drug lord comes in and pays you more and you jump ship and you start protecting that cartel, corruption, corruption, corruption, bodies lining up on the treats streets. it's our fault? mexico is a disaster because it has no rule of law. that's the bottom line. yes, most weapons in mexico come from the u.s. most weapons in canada come from the u.s. canada doesn't have mass killings. yes, most drugs moving through mexico come from the united states. switzerland is not like mexico. mexico is corrupt and in bed with the drug lords. it's our
6:10 am
problem. that's one of the reason we have 11 million illegal aliens in the country because they're fleeing mexico. they should apologize to us. >> it's amidst of the immigration debate. the predecessor sai president sg interesting. he said we will get this done. he virtually gave a guarantee. he is very confident that immigration reform is going to happen even though the debate here obviously is contentious and continues. well, another character or person who the president has been citing while he's down there in the speeches is a guy that's angered a lot of latin america in the past, and it's interesting that he was choosing to cite and even quote this writer, this mexican writer, a famous mexican writer. one of the things he has leveled against the united states back in the '80s, he called america the protector of tyrants. he blamed america for mexico's inability to mod h he modernizen
6:11 am
1982. he is, by all accounts, a liberal democrat, so it wouldn't be surprising that president obama will cite him as he's trying to relate to the mexican people. when you look at his past and the things he's said against america, it's outrageous. >> it's also consistent with the enteinternational left which bls america. america is a deeply imperfect country but compared to what? compared to the government of mexico which cozied up to fidel castro? this is a decent country with good intentions that sometimes go awry. the idea that we're the cause of disorder in the world is a flat out lie. to anybody who would say anything like that, it's ridiculous. >> let you kno he made headlines tweet about obama care and plan b. this morning congressman steve stockman tells him what has him so fired up. you know the saying about finders, keepers. one man took that literally and it got him arrested. wait until you hear his defense.
6:12 am
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for mother's day, get $20 off and a free car charger. to locate a store near you, visit greatcall-- people you can count on. welcome back. president obama is defending the decision eg to let girls as youg as 15 get blan plan b without r parents' permission. >> that's the fda's decision to make. that's secretary se is he sebels decision to review. >> here's how congressman steve stockman responded. quote, democrats on health care, 15-year-olds who want bitter control are adults. 26-year-olds who want health insurance are children. we're now joined by congressman steve stockman. texas. congressman, thanks for joining
6:16 am
us. that's a pretty nifty accurate summation there. >> thanks, tucker. yeah. it is. i think that in the age of political correctness, we can't decide how old people are. it's situational ethics. >> what is the logic here? what is the unifying theory that allows someone to think it's okay for a 15-year-old without any presently involvement, permission, acknowledgement of any kind to buy prescription birth control but people, adults should not be allowed to decide whether or not to purchase health insurance? >> yeah. it's crazy. we have, as i stated, situational ethics. obama wants to push his agenda, and he changes the facts cord to what fits his agenda. even in the case of viability on abortion, you know, they can't decide when a baby is a baby. they can't decide when a child is a child. you have someone 26 years old that's treated as a child when it comes to insurance, but then someone as young as 15 or younger is allowed to, you know,
6:17 am
get birth control without the parents' consent. if they take large quantities or misappropriate the use of this drug, it causes hemorrhaging. the parent will have no idea what's going on with their child, so it's pretty alarming and it's disconcerting to me and others. i thought it was a humor russ way to kind of send out a message to show the hypocracy of their logic. for some reason they kind of freaked out over it. >> the deeper theme seems to be a power grab aimed at parents, taking away presently authority. you no longer have the right with your child to make decisions on something as intimate and important as birth control. this is basically stripping parents of authority, is it not? >> exactly. in fact, i'm trying to remember. one oone of our friends on the t said you parents need to get over the fact that they're children. this has become an orwellian state which your children are
6:18 am
not property and your guardians of their fate and future but they've become property of the state. we're more and more leaning that way. we have tests done in which the children in schools aren't allowed to share with their parents. i think patients need to become -- parents need to become more aware of what's going on in the school and this administration's agenda. >> very quickly, congressman, is there a certain point at which the public will say you know what? i should be able to choose what kind of shower head i buy, i should be able to be a parent to my children, so government, back off. when do people get upset about this, do you think. >> tucker, i'm with you. when you're screwing in the light bulb that the government recommended, the toilet you're flushing, the big gulp you're not supposed to have, i hope we gather steam enough to say enough is enough. if we wanted that kind of lifestyle, we could move to cuba and be told exactly what to do and how to live. this is america, for god's sake, and we need to stop protecting
6:19 am
everyone to the point that they can't move. life's not perfect. >> it's distressing to think of people being passive in the face of that. congressman, thanks a lot for joining us. >> thanks, tucker. have a good one. up next on the rundown, do you know what happens to your luggage when you check it? where airport workers were caught red-handed stealing from passengers. and from super man to ironman, who is the best comic book hero turned movie star? we're celebrating national free comic book day coming up. you say men are superior drivers? yeah? then how'd i get this... [ voice of dennis ] driving bonus check? every six months without an accident, allstate sends a check. silence. are you in good hands? has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow.
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it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy.
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6:22 am
22 minutes after the hour. time for some quick headlines. caught red-handed. italian police arresting more
6:23 am
than two dozen baggage handlers stealing from passengers' luggage. surveillance scro video capturem going through bags looking for cameras, cell phones, and cash. five times the speed of sound. that's how fast this air force aircraft flew in its first successful test flight from california. you can see the craft attached to the b52 bomber. the x51a wave rider hit a speed of mach 5.1 using an experimental engine. the air force hopes it will be able to deliver global strikes within minutes. let's go to clayton. today is national free comic book day. we're joined by the huge talent, huge talent behind these comic book covers, d.c. entertainment co-publisher jim lee and a legend in the comic book business. you hold a distinction. x men number one.
6:24 am
it sold about eight million copies in the early '90s. >> gosh. i'm thrilled. maybe we can show this right now. you're working on it. my son miles is drawing on national comic book day, a picture of batman for my son that will go up in his room. >> sure. >> miles. >> he's going to love that. >> today is national comic book day. what does that mean? it's an unofficial hol oka hollt just for nerdsn nerds and geeks. it's a celebration of the art form. you can go to 2000 different locations around the world, 60 different participating countries and get free comic books. four and a half million comic books will be given away. >> super man unchained. explain to me what that is. it's a huge seller. you're at the helm of it. >> sure. we're celebrating superman's 75th anniversary. we're doing a new book written by scott snyder. i'm drawing it. we have a preview in the free
6:25 am
comic book that we're giving away today. >> people can get this today for free. >> absolutely, and super man unchained comes out june 12th, and it's basically if we can only tell one superman story, this is it. it's got superman versus lex luther, flirting with lois lane. we interject a lot of new material. for a character that's been around for 75 years, you don't want to bore your audience. you have to add new things. >> we'll talk about the movie in a moment, man of steel, which opens in a few weeks here in the united states. comic books in general are part of our national -- we talk about baicial abaseball as the nationl pastime. >> it's become our modern mythology. it's a big part of pop culture. it's so strong because it really hits so many different generations from your little kids to the grandparents. everybody can see a super hero move. it's a fun time for the entire
6:26 am
family. >> my wife and i are going to see ironman 3. babysitter already called and in tow. there are a number of other movies we'll see, specifically man of steel. batman, of course, just wrapping up. let's talk about the joker. some of these iconic characters. who is the best movie star turned comic book character. when you look at the joker, a great character. jack nicholson versus heath ledger. who do you think? >> i would have to go with heath ledger. i think the bulk of fandom would go that way. i think he brought a realism to that character and made him a frightening character. the jac jack nicholson was fantastic, too, more over the top, but more of a caricature. >> my son asks to watch the christopher review superman serious when he's saving the helicopter. christopher reef as superman versus brandon ralph. he, of course, played in the 2006 batman or superman returns. then the new one who we haven't seen on camera, you got to see
6:27 am
man of steel. >> that's one of the perqs of working at dc comics, sneak peeks at the movies. henry is awesome in the movie. very different from brandon and christopher. he's a man's man. very virile and completely yoked. a very fresh take on superman. >> you believe christopher reeves still? >> he holds a special place in my heart. i was 10 or 11 when the movie came out. i think, you know, miles will probably do the same thing after he sees man of steel. he'll run faster because the special effects are way over the top. you'll see super powers that you've never seen before depicted on the screen in ways that you would never imagine. it's really exciting. >> jim lee, it's an honor to meet you. today is national free comic book day. go out and pick up a superman unchained. superman, man of steel, coming to theaters soon. >> great to see you. >> i have an original jim lee batman right here. kids, that's awesome. thanks, jim.
6:28 am
>> thank you. coming up on the show, her family thought she was dead when she disappeared 11 years ago. now that this run away mom is back, get this. her husband could be forced to pay back thousands of dollars. she thought -- they thought she was gone. we're taking a bite out of national burger month. grilling up patties, bacon burgers with cheese. jim, you don't want to miss this. ♪
6:29 am
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>> threw new details emerging about the september 11th benghazi terror attacks. we've just lerntd thi learned tt the names of the whistle blowers you've heard so much about over the past week who will be testifying this week. >> elizabeth prann is live in washington with the details. elizabeth, what do you know? >> reporter: good morning. fox news has learned the names of three important witnesses who will testify at a mainly house oversight -- major house oversight heafer hearing this wy with. deputy coordinate for operations in the state's department counter terrorism burr mark thompson will testify. he joined the state department as a marine back in 1996. you remember the accountability review board or arb released a exrcomprehensive investigateive
6:33 am
report. this week fox news confirmed the state department's inspector general is reviewing the arb and whether it was thorough as it needed to be. on the ground in tripoli, that night deputy chief of mission at the u.s. embassy in libya, gregory hicks. hicks has received multiple honor awards throughout his career, and he served six assignments overseas. next to ambassador chris stephens, he was the top diplomat in the country. also expected to come forward is diplomatic security officer eric nordstrom. we've heard from him before. nordstrom testified at a house oversight and government reform committee hearing back in october. >> i told the same regional director in a telephone call in benghazi after he contacted me when i asked for 12 agents. his response to that was you're asking for the sun, moon, and the stars. my response to him, his name is jim. i said jim, you know what makes
6:34 am
the most frustrating about the assignment? not the hardships, the gunfire, the threats, it's dealing and fighting against the people, programs and personnel who are supposed to be supporting me. >> nordstrom is significant because he was the top security officer in libya prior to the attack. nordstrom has been critical of the state department's ability to provide security for the men and women in the country. the house committee does have a rule that 72 hours before a hearing they have to announce the witnesses. these are the three who have agreed to testify willingly. it's unclear if others will. clayton, al eu6789i, tucker, bao you. >> much more on on this breaking news. >> thanks, liz beth. >> very interesting. they're speculating maybe they're cia. here's another fox news alert. the defense department said u.s. service members have been killed by a roadside bomb in southern afghanistan. the news comes just a week after the taliban launched its
6:35 am
so-called spring offensive, warning of attacks against foreign transgressors. we'll give you more information on that story as we have it. new hav video just into our newsroom of the search for the remaining american crew member of a crashed u.s. military plane. the bodies of the other two crew members were found overnight. the plane crashed during a refueling mission. the back half of the plane was sound destroyed and in famous as you can see. the front half is still missing. no word on what has caused this crash. remember the woman who reappeared earlier this week after leaving her family back in 2002 to become a homeless hitch hiker? she may end up costing her family even more heart ache. her husband had declared her legally dead nearly four years ago, and he was then allowed to collect $100,000 on her life insurance policy, but now that she's alive, he may have to pay all of that back plus interest. and finders, keepers,
6:36 am
losers, weerps. police say a new hampshire man took the store name literally and he took a grill right off the front porch of the store. the suspect said it was an honest mistake. he has taken stuff from them before without paying for it, but police are not buying his story because the store was closed at the time. let's go over to jap nis. we have an extreme weather alert to tell you about in southern california. firefighters are hoping to get an upper hand on this fast-moving wildfire today that has already burned 43 square miles in less than two days. the firefighters estimates the flames at this hour are 20% contained. janice dean is live in the extreme weather center for us. actually, she's outside. hey, janice. >> the images are incredible from yesterday where the fire exploded. we had winds in excess of 40 and 50 miles per hour. fortunately weather conditions are better today. you can see the video that we got. ventura county, if you've been
6:37 am
there, beautiful homes, million dollar homes. millions live in california and they know wildfire season has begun early this year. typically we see it late fall and winter. because they didn't have the moisture from the snow pack, it's been exceptionally dry across the west. it's just added fuel to these fires. fortunately the good news is they have more of an onshore flow today. that means moisture from the pacific is going to come in, drop those temperatures, bring up the relative humidity, going to help firefighters. we actually could get some rain in the forecast monday into tuesday. let's go over to your maps and i'll show you what's going on elsewhere across the country. you can see it's very dry in the west, but look at the mess over the central u.s. where we saw record-breaking snow over the midwest and the central plains. i mean, even down into arkansas they had record-breaking snow in may. the temperatures still very cold. 35 in minneapolis, 39 in kansas city, 43 in memphis, 50 in dallas. a beautiful day, i must mention, across the east coast where
6:38 am
we're dealing with temperatures in the 50s. the snow, the snow depth was incredible earlier on today when we saw 12 to 18 inches across the midwest. that is going to melt significantly, so that's the good news behind this. of course, we'll be following the wildfires and the snow all in the extreme weather center and we are going to clayton and tucker. are they outside here? they are. >> we're behind you it's time to celebrate national burger month here at fox news chatham thinewschannel this mor. >> helping us celebrate, we're joined by the executive chef of the hard rock orlando, russell booth. >> great to be here. >> this is the most american thing -- this is basically a citizenship test. bring anyone from around the world. if they like this, they're welcome in our country. >> this is great. may is national burger month. the hard rock cafe is celebrating in a great way by featuring our legendary burgers and the possibility to win a
6:39 am
trip for two to punta cana. i love that. >> what is this? that's a hawaiian burger. aged cheddar, certified angus beef. >> compare it to the new york pizza burger. what is that? is it here? >> aged mozzarella, hand crafted pepperoni, fire roasted tomato sauce on a certified angus beef patty. >> some of these are fired up on the grill. >> this is a great burger. >> this is our denver rocky mountain burger. we have a certified angus beef patty topped with carmelized onions, bacon, and beer cheese. who doesn't love beer in the morning. >> i do. i'm glad you didn't say rocky ry mountain oysters. >> that's our atlanta burger. over easy egg. >> there you go. >> carmelized bacon, hot sauce.
6:40 am
>> ready for you. >> tomatoes. >> i'll be putting this back down. >> you put this on the burgers. >> that's our hand crafted artisan cheese. >> who doesn't love cheese. >> chef, i've got a question for you. is it safe to eat the burger with the sharp knife inside? >> it is not. >> good to know. >> we have the seattle java lava burger. >> that's great pick me up. we crushed our burger with es espresso. >> this it? unbelievable.burger. >> yo do you want a burger for breakfast? come on, people. >> what's the key to making a great burger. we try to do at that time home. >> first things first. when you buy a burger, buy it like you're buying a steak. certified angus beef is the way to go. char grilled, 550 degrees. you season it with what you like and don't skimp on the cheese. great artisan cheeses, great
6:41 am
tomatoes. we have heirloom tomatoes. >> i want you are job. you just make people happy. nothing complicated about it. >> the food is great, isn't it? it's a great thing. >> this one is what? >> denver rocky mountain burger. >> tucker actually took a huge bite of this cheese. did anyone see this? did you see this? >> i couldn't control myself. >> he took a bite of this cheese. >> i'm not mr. self control. thank you. >> well, coming up, did intelligence agencies drop the ball in tracking the boston bombers? we ask our next guest, a former navy seal who crossed the finish line at the boston marathon just minutes before the explosions.
6:42 am
>> good morning. so much for the sequestration doom and gloom. didn't lead to any major cuts in the job market. far from it. ♪ [ lighter flicking ] [ male announcer ] you've reached the age where giving up isn't who you are. ♪ this is the age of knowing how to make things happen. so, why let erectile dysfunction get in your way? talk to your doctor about viagra. 20 million men already have. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain; it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure.
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6:46 am
in the special election. thanks for joining us. thanks for having me on. i appreciate it. >> you just finished a marathon. we're seeing these kind of remarkable and too many unexpected polls showing you really within striking distance, a few points from ed marky, a long time 30-year congressman from massachusetts, a democrat in an overwhelmingly democratic state. are those numbers real? what do you attribute them to. >> i think our message is getting across. i think our message against the career politicians who has been in congress since i was playing little league bail. we're talking about what's important, the issues, the economy. he's out there talking about everything but the economy. i think people are resonating with our message. >> mean while, one of the things he's done in the campaign is to have a negative ad about you in which you are, i believe, pictured along side osama bin laden. do you have any response to that? >> yeah. i mean, a career politician like
6:47 am
ed markey comes swinging out of the gate with with a negative, despicable ad which puts me next to osama bin laden which is an absolute disgrace, not only to my service but to my teammates and to the intelligence of the massachusetts voters. people are tired of these despicable, untruthful ads. i can't think of anything more dishonorable than what he just did. >> in a minute ago, we said in your entro you were at the boston marathon shortly before the explosives devices went off. did you hear i it? did you know what it was when you heard it? what was your initial reaction. >> i was about a block and a half away. i saw my wife and four young kids before i croshed the finish line. shortly after, i i heard the explosion and saw the smoke. i knew right away what happened. obviously my first reaction was trying to figure out where my kids and wife were. it took about 25 minutes because of the cell coverage. i knew right away. i saw the first responders
6:48 am
responding right away, the police officers getting on the horn, getting emergency vehicles. going from the worst in boston, i literally saw the best in boston immediately right after. >> speaking of boston, obviously that's where the brothers lived since they had come from russia. we now know today that basically our border patrol agent, when one of the alleged possible accomplices, not one of the accomplices but one of the boys arrested at the university of massachusetts, he was here on an expired student visa. the brothers also had student visas, i believe. the one on the expired visa, he should have been flagged at the airport. the border patrol agent at the airport couldn't check the computer database of the department of homeland security. where do we begin to fix problems like this. >> you know, the law enforcement agencies did a phenomenal job from the moment of explosions went off. just like the guys that went and
6:49 am
got bin laden, they come back and debrief and figure out what went right, what went wrong. i look forward to getting the report. we need to enforce these immigration issues. this is why we have to have immigration reform in front of congress. we need to close and actually start enforcing these laws. >> are you convinced that if some kind of comprehensive immigration reform passes that real border security will be a part of it? >> oh, i think it's got to be the crux of it. i'm with marco rubio on this on the group of eight. they need to secure the border first and have milestones met on securing the border before anything happens north of the border. i think marco rubio has been loud and clear. i hope this thing gets through the congress and the senate. securing the border has to be the top priority or else nothing gets done north of the border. >> how was the race today? the race obviously in light of what happened in boston. was there much turnout? >> it was an amazing race. there were thousands of people there. it was the run to home base. it was a 9k.
6:50 am
it was for the boston red sox foundation to support wounded veterans and their families. it was great. you actually started at fenway and when you finished, you actually crossed home plate. it was really memorable. >> we're all about numbers. what was your time? >> that's a good question. i know that i ran pretty fast. i don't have the exact time on me, but i can get back to you. >> we're going to demand that. >> gabriel gomez joining us from boston. just finished the race. thanks a lot. >> nice talking to you. >> go to thank you. coming up, the kentucky derby is more than a horse race. it's also about fashion and food. anna? tell us what it's like to eat like a vip. >> rate yo you have to have a mp in your hand. we'll have more coming up in just a bit. [ music ] oh this is lame, investors could lose tens of thousands of dollars on their 401(k) to hidden fees.
6:51 am
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6:54 am
it may be national burger day. >> what do you mean it may be? it is. >> we're celebrating. >> anna kooiman is a vip at the kentucky derby. >> anna, top this. can you top this. >> the hawaiian pineapple burger. >> i will raise you a mint julep. how about that. there are about 127,000 of these that go out at church hill downs. 19 horses are going t to the pot at 6:24. two horses are scratched i'm told by my producer. that's kind of a big deal. the purse, 2.2 million dollars, and the champion will take 1.4 million dollars. we care about the food, right? joined now by sarah, one of the she was herchefs here at churchn the mansion. good morning. >> good morning. >> she's the runner up on the ninth season of top chef texas.
6:55 am
>> yes. ninth season. there you go. >> that was a lot of fun. >> what are we working on? >> this is a top chef challenge on its own in this weather. >> in the rain. >> we're making ricotta pancakes. we've got some bourbon because you've got to have bourbon when you're here. >> if you're at the kentucky derby, you need to soak everything in bourbon. >> these currants have been soaked in bourbon. >> my grandmother made raisein cinnamon pancakes. that's the idea. >> you flip them over. this is what the finished product looks like. >> oh, yeah. >> what we do is we squeeze a bit of the ricotta cheese on it. >> i like to do short steaks. >> can we layer it? i like to do short stacks. >> and then at the mansion we're doing food that's pretty fun.
6:56 am
all different things. this is a salad, grapefruit, orange, little bit of mint. you've got the mint julep, so it's kind of like a minty dish. they're slighting. >> it's all about the presentation, too. >> yes. >> what are some of the other creations. >> this is a bre bread stick wrd with proyo prosciutto. >> i've got to try this. >> poached the egg in salsa. >> what is that? >> wavos ranchera. >> it looks delicious. she gave us a run for our money, but our burgers are pretty fabulous. >> after the show ali will be eating four of these. more "fox & friends" just minutes away. [ male announcer ] with free package pickup
6:57 am
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6:59 am
thanks so much for joining us today.
7:00 am
anna is down in kentucky derby. we'll be checking in with her. you can log on to our web side of the for the after the show show. >> happy national burger month, everyone. >> can i drink this beer? >> yes, you may. >> excellent. >> we're celebrating the next 30 days. the dow briefly crossing 15,000 for the first time ever, up more than 14% this year alone. s & p 500 right behind it, closing above 1600 for the first time ever on friday. investors cheering a better than expected jobs report. the unemployment rate at the lowest level in four years, but still high historically. so wall street sure firing on all cylinders. but are you feeling it on main street? hi, everyone. i'm brenda buttoner. this is "bulls & bears." the "bulls & bears" this week, our guests are here. welcome to everybody.